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Now it’s easy to work together as you work apart. Sales and marketing teams stay in sync with real-time alerts and AI-driven prompts to take action. Whether in the office, on the road, or at the kitchen table, you can share and discuss activity from inside the Salesforce workflow.

Real-Time Alerts

Work out of the office, not out of the loop.

Now you can opt to receive alerts on any device, anytime there is a change to a record you care about, so you can stay up to speed on important developments as they happen. You can set your preferences to receive alerts only for specific kinds of activities or for the records you’re following most closely.

In-Context Chat

Strike up a spontaneous conversation.

Whenever you open Salesforce, you’ll find easy-to-use collaboration tools right there at the record or object level. So you can instantly communicate over chat, voice, or video to discuss new activity and share crucial account information with colleagues on the spot.

AI-Prompted Actions

Discover actions and take them right there

Whenever you receive an alert, you’ll find AI-suggested actions from Einstein that are surfaced directly to you, proposing next steps you should take to help move the business forward.

We made the app, because we couldn’t wait to use the app.

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Salesforce Anywhere is a game changer because I no longer have to chase down deal updates and try to digest the data — it surfaces pipeline updates to me in real time as deals progress.”

Adnan Chaudhry, Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales, Salesforce

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