Protect Your Website from Negative SEO

Do you suspect that you’re the victim of negative SEO on your own website, due to an influx of spam links?

We Recognize and Recover

By getting a profound insight from us about the indications of the common Negative SEO strategies and by the support of our safe Monitoring service, you can easily recover from Negative SEO. We will guide you safely in boosting your rank in search engines and stay on the top of Google search page always by generating more sales and ROI. We further assist you in designing quality backlinks for added benefits.

Negative SEO Monitoring Service

Our Negative SEO Monitoring Service curbs the practice of using black hat and unethical techniques that undermine your rankings in search engines. Thus, we restrain your profile from facing the following disadvantages;

  • Hacking your portal.
  • Creating several links that are spam.
  • Doing plagiarism of  your content and disseminating it all over the internet.
  • Focusing links to your website using keywords
  • Establishing fake social profiles and destroying your online image.

How to Detect a Negative SEO & Suppress the Attack?

Secure your Portal from Hackers: By creating strong passwords with numbers and special characters and by creating a backup of your files and database regularly, you can secure your website from hackers.

Check for Plagiarized Content: We aid your website from losing rank by using our tools to survey whether there is any plagiarized content by spammers. We can easily detect if your content gets published on any other website.

Monitor Social Media Mentions: We use specialized tools to find out if any spammer is using your brand name to create fake profiles on social media. We immediately take necessary measures to remove these profiles permanently before they reach out to the public.

Check Loading Speed: To monitor your server uptime and loading time, we use tools that notify us. We will be immediately alarmed, if spammers try to put down your server.