Our ONE By AOL Services

We provide you premium brand solutions and help to reach your brand goals.

What is ONE By AOL?

ONE By AOL is the best platform where advertisers can optimize their ad campaigns across channels including video, display and television. Advertisers can store creative assets for video, mobile and display campaigns.
It’s a programmatic platform for the creation, optimization and execution of premium dynamic, data driven, cross screen and experiences at scale.

Why it is best?

Ability to run campaigns at incredible scale. From a DSP perspective ad-serving perspective, running campaigns via AOL always outperforms competition by sheer delivery. Great for brand awareness or access to target audience through AOL networks. It has strongest and consistent look alike audiences.

Benefits of ONE By AOL:

  • Creative
  • Save time
  • Platform to turn it into cross-screen ads.
  • Personalize ads for target demographics
  • Programmatic video and display buying platform.