Page Authority 2.0: Update on Trial and Timing



Throughout recent events, a team of most brilliant engineers, data scientists, project managers, editors, and marketers have worked towards the launch of the new Page Authority (PA) on September 30, 2020. The new model is extraordinary from the current PA. Yet the control measure uncovered an irregularity that we were unable to disregard.

Thus, we’ve settled to postpone the dispatch of Page Authority 2.0.  Along these lines, let us take a minute to follow how we arrived, where that leaves us, and how we plan to continue.

Seeing an old issue with open-minded perspectives

Previously, Page Authority models prepared against Search Engine Result Pages, attempting to see whether one URL would rank over another, based on a set of link metrics determined from the Link Explorer backlink index. A key issue here is it couldn’t address the maximum strength of a particular set of link metrics.

When entrusted with revisiting Domain Authority, we picked the one with experience: the original SERPs training method (with some tweaks). For Page Authority, an alternate method that predicted any page with more natural traffic.  This model introduced promising characteristics, yet it presented certain difficulties. However, we addressed these concerns, by enhancing the training set, to account for competitiveness using a non-link metric.

Estimating the nature of the new Page Authority

The new model predicted the probability that one page would have more significant natural traffic than another. This was normal because the new model was coordinated to carry out this objective. The outcomes are promising. 











We also found that the new model anticipated whether one page would rank over another better than the past Page Authority. This was satisfying since a significant number of our interests that the new model would fail to meet on old quality controls due to the new training model.

The Final update 

It can be said that we are in good shape to the extent as we have various candidate models that outperform the current Page Authority.  We are not going to ship a new score until we are certain that it will guide our customers on the correct path.  We are remarkably honest about the choices that our customers make based on our metrics (whether the metrics meet the statistical criteria).

Given all of this, we have chosen to postpone the dispatch of Page Authority 2.0. This will give us the opportunity to address these essential concerns and produce a stellar metric. We anticipate creating the best Page Authority metric we have ever delivered.


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