Use SMS marketing

Statistics show SMS open rates are as high as 98%, and that’s higher than any other marketing channel.

SMS Marketing Service

Our user friendly SMS Marketing Service makes the impossible possible. Being a cost-effective method of communication, SMS can be used as an ideal medium of communication to promote products and services. We aid you in developing a deeper bond with your customers. Our way of forming SMS structure will sheerly assist you in earning the customer trust, loyalty and long-term bonding.

Ideal Benefits Of SMS Marketing

  • Conversion Rate: SMS has a high conversion rate. It is unlikely for a customer to ignore the SMS pop up.Customers tend to take actions on offers and promotions through SMS.
  • Reasonable Rate: Bulk SMS is not only time saving but also cost effective. It provides you the opportunity to reach out to many users at a time.
  • Wide Reach: Considering the wide range of smartphone users who check their mobiles many times a day, SMS is a reliable way to reach out to the masses.

Tips to Get SMS Marketing on the Right Track

SMS being a powerful marketing tool needs to be used in the most accurate way. Thus to get your SMS marketing program on the right track, we make your SMS;

  • Precise and Compliant
  • Use Appropriate Keywords
  • Initiate Intriguing Conversation