As a yoga trainer or the proud owner of a yoga studio, you’re very likely burdened with a lot of responsibilities every day. Whether the upkeep of premises, scheduling classes and arranging trainers, accounting or other routine day-to-day operations, merely keeping up with the work itself can be exhausting. A consequence of this hectic workload is that marketing or promoting your business takes a backseat.

With your time already scarce, it is important to focus your resources where they can produce the biggest results — the online space. While it may be a stretch to try and excel in every aspect of the digital world, efforts focused on a few key areas can help you gain a substantial advantage over larger yoga studios. In our experience of servicing the web design and digital marketing efforts of several successful yoga studios, these are the important aspects that yoga trainers/studios should prioritize.

Go Mobile!

Any digital marketing strategy worth its salt nowadays has to be optimized for mobile platforms. If not, then you are probably missing out on a good chunk of your business. In order to stay competitive, a well planned digital strategy should include the following.

  • Website Design: Above all, a website should be designed to be fully compatible with smaller mobile devices, i.e, using a responsive design. With smartphones fast turning the device of choice for browsing the web, it is essential that you offer a seamless experience to both your mobile and desktop users.
  • Geotargeting: Social networks like Facebook provide an option to target your ideal customer demographic through hyperlocal ads. With ad delivery fine-tuned based on their location, this offers an effective way to reach potential yoga students in specific geographic areas. In particular, consumers who utilize mobile devices, and who otherwise might not have found out about your business or website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ranking high on search engine results requires considerable publishing and marketing information referred to as SEO. Recently, this has turned even more important, especially at the regional or local basis to stay relevant online.

It’s a fact that most users look at the first page of a search engine’s results or even resort to the featured snippet or knowledge panel that accompany Google Search results. Obviously the top search engine results have nothing to worry about, but those yoga studios or training facilities listed on the subsequent pages often see a substantial decrease in page visits.

With Google’s heightened focus on quality, search results, small business owners need to focus efforts on local SEO in addition to standard SEO practices in order to gain an advantage.

Influencer Marketing

Word of mouth or referrals have always been a key component in marketing, but Influencer marketing is rapidly on the rise. Done properly, it can have a positive impact on the public’s perception of your studio or training, inspire loyalty, foster organic conversations and positive comments on social media that can boost your business.

To conclude, content is king when it comes to successful digital marketing initiatives. One should exercise utmost care to identify and fine-tune a strategy before launching a new campaign.

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