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Beyond search- Unifying PPC and SEO on the Display Network

The pay per click (PPC) similarly referred to as cost per click is a website direction model utilized in internet marketing and advertising and it goes hand in hand with SEO whereby as an online marketer one is able to make greater marketing achievements in the case when they correctly interconnect the uses of the two.


Content plays a vital role to the specific target audience when desiring to capture the viewer’s more positive response, the marketer must always uphold the uniqueness of the content, and ensure it is catchable for every intended recipient. PPC must also be utilized to ensure more traffic is directed to the business site.

There are a few simpler ways of extending existing interactive SEO and PPC methods which may be achieved through the context-based and contextual targeting. You can as well make a placement of ads in the wild to examine the consumers of content that may be similar to yours.


There are two basic methods that can be employed in targeting ads on the display network which include the use of re-marketing lists as well as content or context. By use of these two methods, you may think of creating a remarketing list that may give you a give you a guiding lead.




In order to come up with a comprehensive remarketing list, you need to understand the users of your interest, make this definition basing on the available information in GA/UA and so you also need to pay more attention to it.

Once you are done with setting up this list and saved it, go back to the Ad words, if your target audience reaches a least of 100 users, Google will allow you to show the ads making it the targeting criteria.


However, if you need to set up a good ad group, use Ad words to narrow your sample, use actual ads to fill the group and you can as well create simple text ads if it proves a challenge to get banner ads that may be applicable. Set up big inventory generic sources like you tube to get down to useful, unique discoveries and set a considerable CPC bid. This will aid in making your ads show up. If you feel you are done in putting everything together, then you can consider it right to make your ads running then get in some data with The Coming Integration Of PR And SEO


At some point you may need a clarification on how SEO advertising works?  Here is how;

When users search any of the keywords in your phrases, the listing of your website will automatically appear the organic results of the search engine. The users will then simply click on your search engine research to display the exact information contained on your web page.


As a marketer, besides correlating the use of PPC and SEO, you may also bring on board other online marketing methods which include, social media marketing, referral marketing, email marketing as well as native advertising and content marketing.

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