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Brandora brings digital innovation in their services

Brandora is a boutique real estate marketing agency with a focus on technology-driven demand generation.

Region: New York

Industry: Real Estate

Employees: 30

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Increased Website Traffic


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About Brandora

Brandora is a boutique real estate marketing agency with focus on technology driven demand generation. The dynamic team of young professionals comprise of real estate brokers, expert sales and marketing personnel and of-course, digital marketers. They are based in New York, one of the most vibrant real estate hubs in North America.
They offer pragmatic marketing strategies based on the latest marketing trends and codes to help real estate brokerages and agents. Whether in residential and/or commercial real estate, they devise helpful and insightful campaigns to stay ahead in a competitive and ever-evolving market.


Brandora approached us to establish an online presence for their new generation marketing company in a highly competitive real-estate industry. They wanted to position and market their brand to accurately represent their tech oriented marketing model, and make the company stand out in the field of traditional real estate industry marketers.
The main objective was to carry out efficient and focused Social marketing with an emphasis on high ROI. The ultimate aim was to maximize visibility for the brand and their website, increasing visitors and online business.


Every real estate market is different, each one having their own unique traits and opportunities, with NY being the most sophisticated (and lucrative). After detailed research and taking into consideration multiple factors, Organizein started off by shortlisting several keywords and phrases that represented the best ROI opportunities. We drove traffic via google search results involving high ROI keywords.

We also decided to focus on a few niche segments that represented the best opportunity to generate high ROI. Organizein ran several successful targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook. These campaigns had headlines, links, and calls to action that stressed on multiple ‘value points’ that was offered by Brandora.
The focus was on increasing traffic from organic search, improve the placement in the ranking for main keywords, increase sign-ups and build brand awareness on social platforms.


Through the revamped SEO campaign, the Brandora site gained from a search rank boost for important search terms both in and around their key market segments. The company was able to land a good ranking spot consistently on page 1 for the top 5 keywords and also witnessed Google search traffic by as much as 43%. Over a period of 6 months, website sign-ons witnessed an increase to the tune of 25%.

On Facebook, we tested ads and audiences to find who responded best to what. After a short period of ramp-up, we fine-tuned the winning content and were able to build even further upon it. Over a period of 6 months, we managed to land a high number of impressions at a very low CPM. These numbers were matched by a equally high CTR in the double digits. Cost per leads averaged $1.72 across all the campaigns we ran over the period.

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