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CM brings digital innovation in their services has been creating excellent conversational customer experiences since 1999.

Region: Netherlands

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Employees: 1000

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Increased Website Traffic


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About CM has been creating excellent conversational customer experiences since 1999. Their vision is that mobile technology will enable people to communicate, interact, and make payments with businesses worldwide seamlessly. Founded in the Netherlands, it now has offices worldwide, is listed on the Amsterdam Euronext and is an “Official Event Supporter" of F1 Grand Prix.
On the way, it has acquired companies like Docdata Payments BV, the Dutch TicketFlow and German SMS company SMS Trade. They are still constantly searching for ways to connect people with each other.


When Richard from came to us, they were already on social media, hosted a blog and engaged in SEO. The problem was that they were not getting adequate results. Organizein was entrusted with pulling the target audience into the brand.
The aim was to use a combination of inbound tactics like SEO, Social marketing and PPC to create awareness of their services and draw in customers.


The overall strategy was to focus on enhancing the brand’s perception of being on the forefront of communications and payment tech, in order to drive quality traffic and generate leads. Allow prospects to connect with the company in whichever manner they wanted to communicate.
As standard, Organizein carried out an audit of’s digital presence to identify all issues and bottlenecks. We spotted several such instances which were rectified and improved upon. The site was reorganized and populated with keyword rich content. The first step was to deliver exceptional content through blog posts - both proprietary and guest posts. Getting the mix right was key.

We also managed to obtain several quality back-links in the bargain. Partnering with another brand or influencer had CM gaining access to their audience thus greatly rewarding the inbound marketing approach.
In addition, we created the kind of content on Social Media that invited their target audience to engage. Our inbound marketing strategy focused on engaging users fully once they landed at the website.


A hand-in-glove SEO strategy that focused on long tail keywords resulted in much more relevant traffic and higher search ranking. Adding best performing keywords to H1 and alt tags, meta descriptions etc. worked like a charm.
Regularly updated site content (blogs) and social activity worked to bring in the audience. Interactive promotions an marketing campaigns on social media platforms also led to an increase in highly relevant website traffic, matched by a proportional increase in sales.

A combination of these inbound tactics saw the website traffic increasing by as much as 276% over a six month period. Traffic driven by social media alone saw a surge of 385%! In addition, from an average visitors conversion rate of about 2%, retargeting them via web push and reminders ramped up the conversion rate as much as 15X!
PPC ads with focus on a broad range of communication and technology protocol related wordings saw click rates going up by over 250%. We achieved a very low rate for the PPC campaign as well.

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