2020 has not been a good year for any employment sector so far. The health crisis forced shut industries, offices, and other working spaces. The only way some sectors could continue functioning was resorting to online classes, meetings, and work-from-home. With social distancing in place, people were compelled to work remotely and put to hold the natural tendency of communicating. The situation remains very much the same even at present. Therefore managers and employees have had to determine what good communication looks like to keep operations moving forward. In order to generate ideas, keep stakeholders happy, and boost the morale of the working team, effective communication is the key. 

Possessing good communication is more than important in any form of formal set up, physical or virtual. Being a “good communicator” takes on different shapes depending on whether you’re communicating within your own team, with clients, administrators, or other post bearers.

One has to ensure running projects smoothly while keeping in mind the trust and accountability any organization functions on. So here we bring you some practically possible ways for effectively communicating with your team while working remotely. The blog talks about feasible ways with special reference to digital marketers. 

 Conduct daily meetings with your marketing team for 15-20 minutes

Quick everyday conferences ensure a connection between all the team members working together on a particular project. Build marketing and growth strategy plans to optimize and hit marketing goals. This also helps people stand accountable for their work and assures that the operations are running smoothly. One can resolve issues needing urgent attention as well as sync up priorities for the day. These discussions can also be about new ideas and pitches, work changes, and updates about everyday work done. Standup meetings can boost the productivity of the workers. Besides, employers can keep a check on the amount of work done on a day-to-day basis. Having frequent conversational and informal calls apart from all business-oriented ones can work wonders in boosting team spirit. This reduces anxiety levels in these tough times and helps co-workers relax. 

One might find the idea a time killer and unnecessary. But it is highly essential to have something regularly scheduled according to an office set up to maintain the formal attitude amongst all. This assures consistency amongst project members and keeps everyone focused on the right track. The idea can also help in building a growth-focused product marketing plan. 

Maintain formal setting fundamentals

Setting conference agendas and circulating essential documentation while working virtually is as important as in-office. Send pre-reads along with meeting invitations for even better productivity. This cuts short the time scheduled for the conference and ensures everybody comes already prepared. Chalk down notes and important takeaways for boosting work capacity. 

Distribute meeting recaps and important points discussed to assist those who could join the discussion. Ensure that everyone follows the deadlines and conduct regular follow-ups to maintain professional discipline. Marking out loopholes when the things get delayed or go wrong becomes easier in the presence of regular checks and documentation. 

Video or voice call- decide well

One has to be decisive over preferring the call type depending on the reason for the call in the first place. 

Video calls are advantageous in picking up facial expressions in conversation that one can miss while talking over the phone. Moreover, people perhaps pay more attention to video calls in the anxiety of being under constant scrutiny. The benefit of better problem solving and brainstorming comes in addition to video calls. 

But conventional phone calls can be a lot better at times keeping in mind the distress free senses not being watched every time. One can take a brisk walk around their house while discussing important things. This can increase the attention level of the employees than sitting in front of the screen before a bunch of faces. When done excessively, video calls can often be exhausting for the workers. So pick wisely! 

For alternate solutions, one might go for emails or instant messaging depending on the context of work. While managers can prefer sending emails to conserve professionalism, co-workers can opt for instant messaging.

Communicate proactively within your marketing circuit 

Last but not the least, acknowledge that communication is the key. With emergency circumstances in place, do not take for granted the normal communication one had before the pandemic struck in.   

Become proactive in keeping regular communication ties with everyone so no one feels isolated or alienated. Employers should communicate often and guide with transparency to encourage engagement between the team members. Check up on them periodically during conferences.

Furthermore, one needs to understand that all the employees might not be able to devote the exact same work hours depending on personal issues. Ensure that this transition to working remotely carries its own difficulties. People have different productivity hours. Give them lease to decide their work timings in the day as long as the work is getting done fluently.  One must focus on the advancement and not on the time period it’s occurring in. 

Give the workers their space and time

New working habits do not inculcate overnight. People working from home need to look after household issues and other distractions simultaneously. Give your team some extra time to work on projects. Productivity can plunge into work from home environments due to distractions and other family obligations. Ensure giving your workers some extra time to complete their marketing projects and assignments. Furthermore avoid check in with your team multiple times a day to avoid them from getting distracted. This can also send a wrong message that you do not trust them. 


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