Digital marketing for shopping malls

Digital marketing for shopping malls


The broadening landscape of digital marketing has incorporated every field of profession within itself. Be it dining, entertainment, automobiles, education, or health; the marketing technique has absorbed every vocation that deals with aspects of human life. And shopping is not exclusive to this. Big brands, small stores, individual sellers, e-commerce giants; all have utilized internet marketing for getting new customers. Shopping malls in a similar fashion have made use of the marketing strategy. Digital marketing for shopping malls is a very trendy yet promising way of reaching out to your target audience.

The technique is very effective in helping you reach the right set of people and convince them to actually pay a visit to your mall. It shows faster results than any other traditional marketing ways. And the plus point is, it doesn’t make a big hole in your pocket. This article brings to you the various techniques of digital marketing for shopping malls to help you upscale your business. But before we get deeper into this, it is important to note that digital marketing is not a one time process and does not have a fixed mold of working. Consistent devotion and adapting to the changing marketing trends are crucial for achieving the profits you desire for.

Create a fascinating and interactive website

Digital marketing for shopping malls

Digital marketing for shopping malls essentially calls for designing an attractive and responsive website. A website is a common landing space for people who search for you on the internet and want to know more. You must make sure they do not get a negative first impression. Use professional web designing techniques to build a website that is appealing to eyes as well as user-friendly in nature. Website development for shopping malls allows fancy structure and layout. Use high-quality images of the ambiance and different places that interest the visitors. Put information about the various shopping and food outlets available with their exact floor location. Alternatively, you can add a small feature of a store locator to serve the purpose. List the opening hours and what all activities are available at various places in your complex.

Do not abandon your website after putting all the regular content on it. Timely update it with all that is happening new at your place. These can be various offers that are running in different shopping outlets, announcements about upcoming events. Display festivals and special occasions being celebrated, and various fun activities happening around them. Also, did we tell you to specifically mention your mall location as a fixed section at the bottom of the website? Do not forget to add this inevitable detail!

Use Search Engine Optimization for digital marketing for shopping malls

Digital marketing for shopping malls


A website is without a doubt the primary thing you need to ensure while marketing your mall online. But it alone cannot help you achieve all the traffic you want. The competition on the internet is immense owing to its very specialty in providing the consumers with plenty of options. When consumers search for malls in their city, you have to make sure you are one amongst the top websites that get listed. This is done by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO as an important aspect of digital marketing for shopping malls helps you optimize your site for gaining a high rank on the search results page. This directly has a positive impact on the traffic you get. There are various things that come under SEO, some of which are mentioned below:

Targeting keywords– Doing thorough keyword research helps you understand the phrases people put in the search bar while looking for malls around them. You should include all these keywords and their synonyms in the content on your website for Google to consider you as a solid option.

Local SEO– This is very much related to the keyword research itself. People in their own city are the main target audience of shopping malls. Add the name of your city at multiple relevant places across your site to specify your location to the search engine. This will help you get a rank for searches like “Shopping malls near me” or “Shopping malls in Manhattan (your city)”.

Go for paid advertising under digital marketing for shopping malls

Pay-per-click advertising for search engines is a huge part of digital marketing for shopping malls. The technique helps you attract the right audience and get instant traffic. One such service is Google AdWords where the search engine lists your website as an ad on the results page. It places your site even before the organically ranked results thus giving you an edge above others. The service is providing on a bidding basis where websites bid to get their ads on the highest position. The one providing Google the highest price per click gets the top spot and is followed by other ads and organic results. Consider investing in paid advertising to see a jump in the number of visitors to your website as well as your mall.

Make use of social media platforms

Social media marketing is a very popular technique under digital marketing for shopping malls. You can make a profile on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and post regular photos and videos. You can announce various discounts currently available in your stores. Declare upcoming events, fests, and opening up new stores. Post catchy pictures of the avenue, ambiance, decoration on festivals such as Christmas, and the visiting crowd.

Another way to attract the social media audience is by organizing different contests and giveaways. Organize different competitions around getting you more followers or maybe physical visits to a particular store. Gift exciting hampers to the winners to gain their interest and turn them into loyal customers. You can also take out limited period promotional codes and coupons over a minimum shopping of a certain amount from a particular store to avail discounts. These incentives encourage people to visit your mall and make purchases.

Digital marketing for shopping malls is not an easy process. As mentioned in the beginning, it requires persistent devotion to a plethora of techniques available. One might want to take professional help for their internet marketing campaign. If you are convinced that you want that too, we are here to help. Organizein as a digital marketing expert possesses the skills, qualifications, and drive to personalize a marketing plan for your shopping mall. Our professional expertise can help you ensure that you do not fall behind in the competitive race of targeting the online audience. For more details, visit us at


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