Our Google Shopping Advertisement

Get organized and promote your products through us!!!

Why Google Shopping Advertisement?

Promote your online inventory, find best-qualified leads and boost your website traffic.

  • Better qualified leads.
  • Broader presence.
  • Powerful reporting and competitive data.
  • Easy retail-centric campaign management.

How our service works?

Using Shopping campaigns we manage your Good shopping ads.We advertise your products using two ways:

  • Product Shopping Ads:- Based on the product data that you submit in the Merchant Center.
  • Local inventory Ads:- Combining product data and inventory data submitted in your Merchant Center Account.

Where you can find your Ads?

You can find your Shopping Ads across the web:

  • The Google Display Network.
  • Google Search Partner websites.
  • Google Search.
  • Google Images.
  • The Shopping tab.