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Ideas For Improving Search Rankings Of Matured Websites

In the days after a new website is launched, the Webmasters can detect several improvements and tweaks that would need to be made. The following few months they will fix these mistakes in an attempt to make the website perfect, and SEO friendly.


Shortly after this, the website will see a sudden improvement in its search rankings. Depending on how well the site is optimised, the ranking post can be minor or major. And since the site is now free of major errors, it will continue to maintain its search engine rankings for some time.

The problem arises when the question of improving the rank of the website comes. Fixing problems in a website is relatively easy. However, getting a boost in rankings for a site which is otherwise perfectly fine is not going to be easy at all. So, what should you do?


Ideas for increasing rankings of matured websites:

Mentioned below are some ideas that you can implement to improve the rankings of a mature website and attract additional traffic to it.

1. Continue to optimise your content

Google is known to reward websites that feature new content for the users regularly. This keeps the website fresh and helps in better indexing. This also allows you to include new keywords for the website. While creating content, you will have to search for new keywords that will add value to your target audience. Thus, you get an opportunity to get ranked for new keywords, including many niche keywords. This will make the website deeper and help in better indexing.

2. Grab long term keywords:

Don’t ignore keyword if you feel that it is not good enough to generate conversions immediately. These keywords might be very valuable from a long-term perspective. These keywords would be the less competitive ones and will be ideally suited to improve your brand visibility.


3. Reach out to foreign traffic:

This idea would be especially important for the multinational companies having a presence in various regions across the world. Targeting different keywords for different regions, and in multiple languages is going to get you visitors speaking different languages from various countries, and increase your rankingopportunities.

4. Get multiple ranks for the same keyword:

You may try various variations of the same keyword so as to get multiple ranks in the same search. People try to rank in the top 10, but imagine different pages from your website getting multiple ranks in the same search query! This is possible if you create great content.

5. Add new types of content:

Keep adding content in different formats that will help you to reach various types of customers. Not everyone might be interested in reading written content. Try to attract them in different ways. For example, you can create content in the form of infographics and videos regularly. In fact, YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, every company needs to create a strategy for promoting their brand on YouTube, so that additional traffic can be directed to the website by it.

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