Improving Underperforming Content: A Guide to Optimization


Content is one of the most significant factors in SEO. Many have emphasized “content” to be a decisive ranking factor.  It’s either value-based/business pages or article ones, that doesn’t perform up to its capability is considered underperforming content. It could be content that often draws in a decent degree of natural traffic and now it doesn’t. Or content that never created any natural traffic regardless of the endeavors you may have applied. There could be numerous reasons why your content isn’t progressing admirably. 

Fixing Underperforming Content

There are various approaches through which you can keep your content under assessment.

Ensure your page can be crawled and indexed  “suitably”

 Make sure that your page doesn’t fall under any method of obstructed resources in Robots.txt. Ensure your page is linked inside on the site and present in your XML sitemap.

Comprehend search aim

There are extraordinary resources regarding the matter you want to dive into. You should always research what the SERP resembles the topic of interest by analyzing the SERP and all its features, you can improve it for a better understanding of what search engines want and organize the plan accordingly. 

Guide your pages against the right keywords

It’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what keywords you want to rank for, yet which keywords will help you rank better. Be reasonable about your ranking prospects. Focus on essential two to three keyword variations getting your content as significant as possible on those terms.

Compose unique metadata

Title labels are significant for on-page ranking, so compose special and expression rich titles. Try not to change the metadata quite frequently.

Make the correct content changes

Readability is a significant aspect of a page. Attempt to assess how intriguing it’s for your intended audience and ensure proper usage of tone and language. 

Underperforming content is a basic issue, particularly considering that content is the most significant for ranking variables in 2020. With the correct instruments and procedures, one can resolve and learn from it.


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