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Is SEO Really Dead?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process by which the visibility of websites can be regulated. It was considered to be ‘the’ most important thing for launching websites. However, with rapid alterations in social media, there are other things as well those have become important.


Earlier SEO tools were used to manipulate search engines like Google and the others to put one’s website on top of the result page. Many duplicate contents made it to the first page of Google search results. The Panda algorithm was launched in the year 2011 to fight the manipulation by SEO tricks that would rank a low quality website higher in the search result. Though in practice it caught websites with high advertisement and gave them a low ranking.

Two schools of thought

Whether SEO is dead or not depends on how you define SEO as that is what most people believe. If you think that SEO is a process of manipulating search engines to put one’s website on a higher ranking than yes that is dead. However, if your definition of SEO matches with the old school definition, then it is still a process by which websites can get higher visibility ethically and hence, is something that would never die as websites are here to stay.

The other school of thought is that SEO is a manipulative process. These people believe that SEO is actually dead. They believe that organic reach is down and internet users know the difference between organic listings and sponsored listings. There is also the various social networking platforms along with mobile apps those are taking the market shares. They think that having a Facebook page is more important that having a website that has been ranked amongst the top search engine results.

SEO and Marketing                                

Recent research by E-consultancy has found that up to 88 percent of businesses now combine SEO with content marketing in a bid to streamline processes and 74 percent actively integrate SEO with social media marketing strategies.  Now the SEO experts can be very good with codes but social media is not about codes, it is about people and that the SEO experts cannot decipher as they lack that human touch in their expertise. And here the need for various kinds of marketing has come into play because you need to have a good and user-friendly media in order to attract customers and enjoy higher conversion rates.




ThSEO Company Phoenix offers you both SEO and internet marketing these days as it requires both of these to have an online presence.e future of SEO

SEO is continuously changing and adapting to any new enhancement that a search engine introduces. Day by day the number of online searches are increasing, there are about three billion internet users and Google registers 1.2 trillion searches every year or 40000 per second. Thus it would really be silly to say that SEO is dead rather SEO will keep changing itself and updating itself to the newer demand of both users and providers. Make sure that you hire the services of internet marketing Phoenix companies for the growth of your business.

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