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PeakInsurance brings digital innovation in their services

Peak Insurance has over the past 80 years grown to be one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Central Alabama.

Region: Global Brand

Industry: Insurance

Employees: 10

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About PeakInsurance

Formed in 1938, Peak Insurance has over the past 80 years grown to be one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Central Alabama representing over two dozen insurance carriers. It is a leading independent insurance agency which takes pride in providing competitive rates from the top insurance providers in the country.


In operation for over 75 years, Peak Insurance had a solid base of local clients. Entering the 21st century, they wanted to build upon their glorious years of service and attract new clientele. They wanted to use digital marketing to do this and also to serve their existing clients.


Inbound marketing is all about creating valuable content for your audience, that which establishes you as an industry expert. It offers you the opportunity to educate your prospects about how you can serve them best.
Social Media and Email Marketing were apt channels for what Peak Insurance envisaged. These methods allow the client to best deploy the soft skills that have made them successful, but in a customer-centric manner.
What Organizein suggested was to get them more active on social media. To meet their customers where they were and interact with them at their convenience. Instead of just focusing on selling products or on-boarding new clients, we focused on making their content available and in the bargain, positioned them as industry experts.

We implemented appropriate social media management software and fine tuned the activities around the clock. Facebook Ads were designed to market to specific demographics and their performance evaluated constantly. Referrals from long standing clients were used prominently in this regard.
From our extensive experience, we understand how email marketing can be vital for the service industries, even more so for an insurance provider like Peak Ins. Nothing gives you as much opportunities to contact subscribers and build relationships with them even before they realize the need for your services. Email marketing also allows you to reach out to new prospects while also retaining and servicing current customers keeping everyone satisfied.


Organizein’s inbound marketing strategy combined with Peak Insurance’s business acumen were like a match made in heaven. The email campaigns achieved stellar results to say the least. We achieved average opening rates of around 30% and click-through to open rates of 18%! Far better than the average benchmarks.

Sustained activity and interaction on Facebook proved beneficial in servicing and retaining of business. Informative posts on offers and schemes were popular with the existing followers and also served to draw in new customers. Within 3 months of the new initiative, post engagement was up by a whopping 463%! Over a 6 month period, the number of followers went up by 900%!
Focused campaigns on Facebook boosted online inquiries and subsequently insurance sales. The number of unique visitors who landed on our client’s site moved up from 2,500 a month to 6,000 a month. The monthly sales of our client went up from an average of 1,500 odd to around 2,000 plus.
Needless to say, our client was delighted with the results!!!

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