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People Insurance Group brings digital innovation in their services

The People Insurance Group is a leading broker for insurance based in Fort Myers, Florida.

Region: Florida

Industry: Insurance

Employees: 10

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Increased Website Traffic


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About People Insurance Group

The People Insurance Group is a leading broker for insurance based in Fort Myers, Florida. The reputed firm offers a wide variety of insurance packages of all types from a large number of major providers.


The insurance industry is a highly-competitive field the world over, even more so in the US. As the number of insurance companies continues to grow, it is more important for brokers and agents to enhance their digital marketing efforts. PIG wanted a prominent ranking in search and increased traffic for their website.


The right content can help a website flourish, especially with the insertion of the right keywords. Informative and authoritative posts relevant and helpful to the target audience in the local community was a priority area.

Detailed keyword research was conducted to discover targeted keywords - not too generic but also not too specific. Even though it could be difficult to find the right proportion, the results are worth the effort.
Generating web-based references and online citations refer to the business was also an initiative that proved rewarding.


Accurate the business citations and local citations, on platforms including Google My Business, Bing Places, Yahoo and Yelp helped draw in customers from the region.
We were also successful in generating backlinks from websites that had a domain authority in the 30-40 range. This led to a well-rounded link profile linking to the homepage and other important pages on the website. This established PIG as a thought leader in the insurance sector and of possessing high-quality content.

Combined with a studied keyword strategy and content based link building, the PIG website witnessed a 7.7X fold rise in organic traffic and a similar rise in keyword rankings.

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People Insurance Group

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