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Powered By Innovation brings digital innovation in their services

Powered By Innovation (PBI) is a group of experienced business consultants with a global delivery model.

Region: New York

Industry: Management Consulting

Employees: 10

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About Powered By Innovation

Powered By Innovation (PBI) is a group of experienced business consultants with a global delivery model to assist clients in transforming their business operations and technical processes in delivering enhanced business performance. A specialist service provider offering a full range of bespoke offerings in Operational Transformation, Business Analytics, Data Security and other technical service segments.


The existing PBI website was rather plain and lacked a real sense of their brand. So the primary goal for the new site was to communicate their ideals while keeping everything as simple as possible. We opted to only add stuff to the layout which were deemed absolutely necessary. PBI also wanted a measurable ad campaign for drawing in high end clients.


Organizein incorporated a clearly defined colour scheme and style throughout the new website, ready for use in their marketing materials and for branding the business. Detailed research threw up enough specific keywords and long tails for successful campaign design.

The kind of business PBI was into, had prospective customers – businesses large and small opting for a web search for their requirements. Well designed and placed ads highlighting PBI services had a sure-fire chance of attracting (and converting) such prospects.


Time was well spent in the design phase and refining the site’s look until both us and the client were satisfied. Finally a website with a front-end that made it stand out to communicate quality, sophistication and that all important personal touch.

Within 6 months of relaunch, the PBI website was picking up visits to the tune of around 2,000 per month. Analytics metrics were overwhelmingly positive, with the average visit duration going up 4 fold and the average number of pages per session tripling to 5.87 (thanks to the internal linking and cross-promotion of content around the site.)

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Powered By Innovation

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