Are you an online marketer or website owner and want to remain SEO relevant in 2015 by ranking highly in web searches?

Google has announced that in 2015, its search algorithm ‘Penguin’ will regularly be changing while the others will be updated, simply put it will be reinventing consistently.  Website owners and online marketers must therefore be conscious to the reality of the emerging trends in search engine optimization in the New Year.

It is therefore imperative that you get ahead of the trends, proactively go by the guidelines laid out by Google and you shall harvest the benefits of increased traffic.

Here are 15 easy ways to enable your website rate highly in searches in 2015:



Title tags on your website pages are very important SEO indicators to search engines. The first 50-60 characters of a title tag are usually displayed by Google; so, make your titles fit within the optimum character length and get 95% of your titles displayed. The titles should be relevant to your company’s offering and business location.


Your content must be unique; the word description of your products or services, the order of wording, the keywords should not appear anywhere else on the web. Do not crowd keywords on your pages; make them flow.


The H1 tag is a critical place for catchwords for your business; optimize the H1 tag so that it is appropriate to the company and its location. Highlight your offering and location, for example do not just say “Leading Veterinarian” as Google may not pick up on your business location.

Including relevant keywords in your URL is an SEO plus, you will be easier to find and shall make user experience shall be better as chances of finding you will be higher.


Create high quality links for your website to strengthen your website in the eyes of search engines. Link up with authoritatively, credible and trusted sites to link with.


Algorithms like panda, penguin and hummingbird by Google will regularly be morphing 2015 and beyond. You need to be awake to this fact so that you consistently update your SEO capabilities to keep your high ranking.

BLOG-1 (2)


For your blogs, write unique content that will invite more traffic to your website, and get more leads for your business. A well written blog, with unique content will help get your website a higher ranking by.

Make your blog successful by:

Writing about news events

Write about product or service launches

Watching Google trends and Twitter


Search engines are able to track your social media following and presence. With a solid social media strategy will help propel your website SEO endeavors in the New Year.

If you write an article that goes viral on social media, all the links pointing back to your website will be of great SEO benefit. Include social media into your SEO efforts and more people will get to your website.


Google owns YouTube! Posting videos on YouTube will give you an edge in Google searches, as the search engine is partial to video posted there. More views of your videos means more traffic and exposure for your business and website.


Bring in an SEO expert to assess your efforts before you delve in further into optimization. The expert should figure out the quality of the links you have to your site, the value of your content and how your site rates compared to others. This will take a few hours, but it is worth the time.


Dedicate a portion of your staff to digital PR; actively reach out to websites to do and carry write ups on your company or website in their publications.

A popular website linking back to yours can result in you reaping hugely for the SEO of your site. It creates web traffic and awareness to your website.


Incorporate keywords in the names you give photos on your web site as search engines like Google pick up image names on websites. Key words on alt title tags will be of positive impact if done well.

According to studies, you need to use alt tags to describe your photos because search engines cannot read photos, however due to mixed search results pictures get more exposure.


Google plus is a social network with a lot of positive effect on SEO since it is directly connected to Google, helping well optimized and right content fed websites appear higher in searches.

Google My Business will help you build a loyal following who will rate and review your business, endorse your content and share your posts on the web.


Add compelling and eye catching photos of your business so that when a branded search is lodged, so that your site captivates searchers who come across or search for it.

Photographs can be quite influential in peoples spending decisions; an eye catcher will definitely sway a customer.


Search Engine Optimization is fast and ever evolving, actively glean for and follow industry news to be updated on latest trends.

If traffic to your site is shrinking, is it a result of an algorithm change? SEO research should help you answer this and many more questions and give you great ideas for your SEO approach while staying within quality guidelines.

Sites such as MOZ, Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Land are very resourceful on SEO Company in Chicago information and news.


Google Webster is a Google tool for ranking and positioning of websites as per the keywords thereon. If you have not familiarized yourself with this tool, then you must learn to as it is the official source on ranking information.

You will be informed of how much traffic is flowing to your site through various keywords and further, get to know the links pointing back to you.

As I pen off, it is important for you to take note that 2015 to proactively engage search engine optimization in your marketing efforts and or endeavors to try and get more visibility for your company or website.

A good grasp of search engine optimization will propel you to the top of search rankings and thus: increase visits to your website, fostering sales leads and overall business performance.

Remember, information is power; keep reading and updating yourself on SEO Company in Chicago to learn of any changes or the emerging trends. It will keep you ahead of your competition.


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