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Shades of Yoga brings digital innovation in their services

Shades of Yoga is an International Yoga Teacher Training school offering Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training courses as well as Continuing Education Programs (YACEP).

Region: Indonesia

Industry: Health, Wellness & Fitness

Employees: 10

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About Shades of yoga

Shades of Yoga is an International Yoga Teacher Training school offering Yoga Alliance accredited Yoga Teacher Training courses as well as Continuing Education Programs (YACEP). In picturesque Bali from 2010, they impart the transformation of a lifetime through the art of teaching Yoga in stunning natural environments that nourish the soul. In addition to regular teaching programs around the year, they also organize yoga retreats, rejuvenation camps and detox holidays according to the seasons.


Shades of Yoga was looking to establish and broaden their web presence. Their aim was to establish their brand and experience. They were looking to improve outreach and attract a higher proportion of international audiences for their regular and specialized yoga programs via online methods.


We gained insight from a comprehensive initial consultation and subsequent (frequent) interactions with Tracey of SoY. We also carried out rigorous competitor analysis to understand the prospective customer base and how to reach them effectively.
To design a robust marketing strategy, Organizein employed a data driven approach. We conducted a technical audit of SoY’s website and social accounts. Reorganizing the website, fixing keywords and meta tags could result in a significant improvement in SEO. The website was also subject to a number of spam links. Removing these and adding several high authority back-links could also have a substantial improvement in ranking.

We also carried out an analysis of the Google Ads account to identify issues. The focus needed to be on relevant, long-tail keywords associated with the core activity of yoga training. We conducted a detailed keyword research to match the most relevant - likely to convert - traffic to the site. We came up with a series of ads, attractive to this potential audience and focusing on the compelling adwords.


We crafted a definitive plan that covered every aspect of the overall campaign strategy in order to set the right approach to marketing Shades of Yoga online. Our well thought out strategy helped to improve the ranking of Shades of Yoga website to place among the top 5 of results for keywords related to Yoga Teacher Training in South Asia. SEO focused content marketing built on the school’s knowledge and expertise and helped establish them as an authority, driving valuable traffic and generating leads for the site.
In the space of a mere five months, website traffic went up by 185% even as online registrations went by a whopping 64%.

Our high PPC CTR brought in a high volume of traffic to the website and increased the rate of conversions exponentially. Ad leads increased by 15X, with a conversion rate going up 2X. The cost per conversion was around a low $36.27.
Organizein has been working with SoY for more than 4 years now, and from the start have been steadily developing on the initial success.

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Shades of Yoga

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