Social media has a powerful influence on Search Engine Optimisation. According to Matt Cutts, Google didn’t consider social media variables such as shares or likes. But a year later, this has changed as social media is playing a significant role in search engine optimisation in all the platforms like Mobile, Web or local. Excluding factors such as re tweets and likes in its algorithm, Google uses social media to measure what is popular.


“Convergence” and “empowerment” are the two factors which led to this change, according to Jason Dailey, head of Mediavest. Convergence is the coalescence of different channels like SEO, local, social media, paid search, or video. Empowerment on the other hand is about customers.

“There are many areas that are converging and these are becoming indeterminate territory in terms of where one area ends and another begins. Consumers are also changing and are becoming more and more empowered to control the social media and to communicate with brands,” says Jason.

Talking in terms of technical perspective, a search engine considers four factors:

  • Popularity: Do people prefer this site to visit.
  • Trust: Whether the site is useful and safe
  • Quality: Experience of the user, appearance and content of the website
  • Canniness: whether the content is relevant, fresh and recent

“According to Google, social media is not a factor when it comes search engine results but the content people like and share has all these qualities. Focussing on making good content will increase popularity and hence more people will engage that content, thus the content becomes relevant to the search engine,” according to Jason Dailey.


Creating quality content on the social media is important as it will boost that business’s local Search engine optimisation performance says Antonio Casanova, director of SEO, Starcom. He also states that rankings for local search engine depends on the number of mentions and quotations that business has on social media platforms such as blogs.

Having a customer relationship management strategy (CRM) helps the business in more than one way. Reviews of profiles, links, testimonials, feedback will help the mention of your business in the local area, adds Antonio. Mobile SEO also plays an important role in visibility of your business in the search engine. As social media is making its way into the search results and also as Google is allowing tweets to be shown in its search result, social media is all set to be a notable factor in measuring popularity of your business in search engine results.

So, social media marketing and digital marketing are now in demand. SEO companies like Organizein has leverage in cities like Phoenix as many local businesses there are not taking full advantage of digital marketing. With the company’s unique strategy, it is all set to be a successful SEO company in Phoenix.

Social media marketing is essential as the customers are in direct contact with the company and the public can view their interaction. The level of commitment by the businesses would impress the new potential customers. All this is from social media. Therefore hiring a skilled company like Organizein, an SEO company in Phoenix, companies here can rely on the maximum advantage available from the digital marketing.


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