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SP Commercial brings digital innovation in their services

SP Commercial provides services like property purchasing, sales or leasing, and even portfolio management solutions.

Region: Global Brand

Industry: Internet

Employees: 10

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Increased Website Traffic


Website Signups

About SP Commercial

SP Commercial provides services like property purchasing, sales or leasing, and even portfolio management solutions. The company is based in South-East Queensland and was founded by Silvio Bevacqua. They have over 38 years of experience in the Real Estate Field consisting of a team of highly trained personnel and award winning service-centric attitude.


SP Commercial already had a web presence but they wanted to expand the reach and grab more clients thus they joined hands with Organizein. They wanted their digital marketing strategies to represent their true potential. The final goal was to get more organic traffic on their website and enhance their online business model.


Real Estate market is one of its kind and presents a huge number of challenges in the form of competitors and orthodox mindset of society. Organizein’s trained experts shortlisted few key words and worked accordingly to rank the SP Commercial’s website in the organic search in the zone of South-East Queensland.

We also optimized the contents of the website to enhance the overall experience of any visitor. Running advertising campaigns across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter expanded the online presence and drew more leads which helped to acquire more clients. Organizein precisely targeted the audience which were related or interested in the Real Estate market.


After starting the SEO campaign, within the 1st month SP Commercial saw a 37% increase in the overall traffic of their website which was nearly 87% increased by the end of the 4th month. The SEO optimized content, On Page and Off Page SEO helped the website to be ranked among the top three websites in the entire Queensland and surrounding region.

The customer base increased substantially and the company experienced a 53% increase in business. After 4 months the SP Cmmercial’s website signups increased by 68%. SP Commercial gained valuable ‘BackLinks’ which increased brand awareness among the society.

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SP Commercial

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