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Styl Properties, Inc brings digital innovation in their services

Styl Properties, Inc. is part of a nationwide group of thousands of investors who help homeowners in distress.

Region: Omaha, Ne

Industry: Real Estate

Employees: 10

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About Styl Properties, Inc

Styl Properties, Inc. is part of a nationwide group of thousands of investors who help homeowners in distress. A real estate investment and solution company which specializes in property acquisition and buys houses. They possess the experience, know-how, and infra-structure to utilize opportunities in real estate investment endeavors.


An overwhelming portion of home-buyers and sellers use social media for research, yet the opposite is true for real estate investors. Styl on the other hand had a unique problem in their hands. Not many knew about them and their services. They approached Organizein to remedy that by increasing their exposure.


Styl had a pretty good website, keywords optimized SEO and a well tuned PPC campaign in place. The one thing missing in their anvil was social media. They had a FB account and occasionally posted on it, but that was not sufficient.

Organizein suggested a more active FB presence (professionally crafted 2-3 posts/stories per week), more engagement with followers (customized interactive content) and synergizing with their partner network. An ad campaign that targeted the prospect audience was also put to work.


We started off with creating several posts with video content for social media. We also ran interactive polls campaigns for prospective home buyers tuned to those looking to upgrade or downshift.
Our in-market targeting techniques generated hundreds of real estate seller leads per month that translated into multiple deals.

Within the space of 4 weeks, we had garnered 227 new leads, that translated into 13 deals. The average of seller leads for all of these campaigns was about $8, and the conversion rate of 1 in 17 (i.e 6%). Compared to Zillow campaigns, that was a 10X fold improvement, both in terms of costs and conversion.

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Styl Properties, Inc

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