Search Engine Optimization techniques are highly sensitive to frequent algorithm updates by search engines. And SEOs are habituated to responding to these changes with new techniques every now and then. However, building a website with content that is not vulnerable to losing rankings even after an algorithm update is a sustainable solution for your business. And this is what SEOs presently aim to achieve. Accordingly, the best way to do this is to learn from the past. One can take a close look at the algorithm updates in the past 10-20 years to formulate strategies for surviving them in the future. 

So here are a few tips for businesses to outstand the swirling SEO algorithms and conserve their rankings on the chart. 

Understand the target market

Foreseeing what the user wants and understanding the type of content they need is an evergreen tactic to use. Professionals advise not to go after everybody but a particular set of people you wish to satisfy. The idea is to figure out what the searchers and your target audience wish for and serve it to the search engines readily in a structured manner. Also, make sure the content is easy to absorb by the audience as well as the search engines. This would encourage the search engines to ingest your content and rank it up. Furthermore, it plays a critical role on the part of the audience in elevating the user experience so that they come back to you again and again. 

Moreover addressing your users’ needs immediately is extremely vital in the current digital era. The ubiquity and overwhelming amount of content have led to impatience amongst people present over the web. Many digital marketing experts emphasize over catering to the audience’s needs right away. 

Continue raising your own bar

In today’s times, there is a cut-throat competition amongst those producing content. To stay at pace with the rising standards, the content needs to be unique. One cannot get away with just developing good content because everyone’s content is becoming good and ‘good’ is not sufficient. 

Provide original information with deep research and analysis. Search engines are always looking for new, fresh content. In the presence of millions of websites and billions of blogs, unique and well-crafted content assures better rankings in search results. Ensure creating regular and authoritative subject matter that is newsworthy and gives an insight into the company’s endeavors. Google, Bing, and others are most likely to rank your site if you can provide the people the answer they are looking for. However, always prioritize optimizing your existing content on the website at regular intervals. 

Diversify internet marketing strategies

Businesses with a flourishing online presence allocate significant time to all digital marketing techniques instead of giving all the time to some specific ones deemed important. The landscape of digital marketing keeps on expanding and diversifying on a day-to-day basis. Thus companies need to ensure they’re keeping pace with the changing times. Integrate all areas of marketing, from social media platforms and content creation to email marketing and Public Relations. Search engines ascertain a preference for quality sites over the ones that simply generate high-traffic with a ton of keywords and spammy backlinks. Successful enterprises focus on the long term and sustainable marketing tactics. This is done through an integrated approach to establish themselves across various platforms.

Ask from yourself the right questions

Does the content on your website offer something interesting and more than what other similar websites are providing? Is it friendly across all devices such as mobiles and tablets? Do your headlines appeal as well as inform at the same time to draw enough traffic? Are they too monotonous or exaggerating in their nature?

Answer all the self-generated questions by using them as a checklist to upgrade the quality of the subject on your site. Provide additional analysis and supplementary data that may be valuable to the searcher. Likewise, the headlines not only need to be interesting but also they need to give an insight into the content. Focus on user experience instead of clickbait to trick the audience. 

Evaluate drop in your rankings 

A drop in sales after algorithm updates should not trigger an immediate response. It should rather call for an in-depth analysis of the issue and change in the strategy. This should be done to guarantee a more long term and less vulnerable content to algorithmic motions by Google. Upgrade all content to meet searchers’ demands and recognize key factors that can support in satisfying user intent. This would make it easier for search engines to understand and find it relevant for their users. Consider a technical inspection, a content examination, page speed assessment, and a backlink overview to make certain everything is operating smoothly. Additionally do not forget to conduct a qualitative review of the site’s comprehensive quality.


Digital marketing and staying abreast of changing patterns can be an intricate process particularly for younger and smaller businesses trying to make a mark on the World Wide Web. Websites go unnoticed if not placed on the first page of search results. People need to search for your organization through a search engine over the web. That is why it is important for your company to show up in the first 10 organic search results. Organizein caters to all your internet marketing requirements by helping you connect with potential customers online and get more traffic and sales. The company has the skill, qualifications, and drive to personalize an SEO strategy that will make sure your website is flooded with new leads. For more comprehensive details, visit our website


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