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VerifyTX brings digital innovation in their services

VerifyTreatment is the leading provider of electronic verification of insurance benefits across the USA.

Region: United States

Industry: Information Technology & Services

Employees: 10

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About VerifyTX

VerifyTreatment is the leading provider of electronic verification of insurance benefits across the USA. It has access to 500+ insurance company databases and provides the most comprehensive and advanced VOB (Verification of Benefits) platform on the market. A Game-Changer in providing access to details like no other.


A new generation technology platform looking to boost their online presence in an emerging industry. Establishing the VerifyTx brand to accurately represent their pioneering technology model, and make the company establish leadership in their segment of the increasingly chaotic medical insurance industry. Streamline and emphasise Social Marketing efforts to generate high ROI.


VerifyTreatment as a pioneer in the insurance verification industry had its unique set of challenges and opportunities. The focus was on the target audience of smaller clinics and rehab homes. In order to establish a connection and engage with the audience, a combination of strategies were put in place by Organizein.

SEO was tailored towards the platforms proven efficiency, regulatory compliance and relationships with insurance industry leaders. Content marketing was geared toward providing useful information and resources to the target audience. Similarly ad campaigns on social media ran with headlines, links, and calls to action that stressed on the audience beneficial crucial info and regulations.


Through a focused SEO campaign, the VerifyTX website gained a search rank boost for search terms relevant to their target audience. The company was able to earn a good ranking spot for the top keywords and also witnessed an increase in Google search traffic by as much as 65%.

Via Facebook, after a short period of testing, we identified the winning content and were able to build even further upon it. Over a period of 8 months, we managed to achieve an average of over 10X returns! And for certain seasons, even double that in ROI!

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