VOLTA Charger

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VOLTA Charger  brings digital innovation in their services

An Australian gadget start-up based out of the Gold Coast.

Region: Australia

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Employees: 50

Key Points


Increased Website Traffic


Website Signups

About VOLTA Charger

An Australian gadget start-up based out of the Gold Coast. Taking pride in not just about being about Tech, all their innovative products (Power Chargers and Cables) are backed with a 30 days money back guarantee and a Lifetime(!) warranty.


The Volta site was getting almost no traffic, even though Adedayo and partners devoted a large amount of time and effort to their portal. Though the Volta site had immense potential, it just never turned up on page 1 of the target searches. The conversion rate for ads too was a dismal 0.5%


Organizein carried out an audit of the site to detect any major underlying issues. In this case, this site had no penalties, nor did they have many links. We also identified several competitor keywords that the Volta team had overlooked.

In our SEO/PPC analysis, we scouted for keywords that had some ranking in Google, but not at the top for the majority of the traffic. Once we have identified these, we choose to lift them up in order to witness quicker traffic gains. This becomes the basis for content creation going forward.


Leveraging the content the site already hosted, and boosting opportunities for our middle-of-the-road keywords, Volta finally made it to page 1. And needless to say – The traffic exploded! By almost 10X!! Now the site manages to organically draw in around 5000 new visitors every month.

We also created a whole new bunch of PPC ads with headlines & descriptions that highlighted the specific seed keyword in each one. This became one of the most important steps to our high converting campaign. Not only did the CPC go down by a whopping 40%, the conversion rate doubled over a 3 month period!

Case Study

VOLTA Charger

Digital Marketing Service

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