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Why SEO REPORTS is Important ?

An SEO report is important as it will help you monitor your website optimization; shortcomings and hindrances are identified and reported for you to act on.


Report overview:


Overall score of the site is reported.

Regular problems

Common problem areas are highlighted.

Website title

You get to know how apt you title is


Keywords are counted and ranked and advise given

H1 and H2 tags

Shows if they are used and where; they make the site attractive



Used for searching and indexing management.


Search engines use sitemap files to check how often a site is updated


Objects in a page are counted and listed; a lot will slow down a page.


Code-Text Ratio

Use more text than code to better ranking.

Outdated HTML

Old HTML tagsare identified.


Issues slowing down page highlighted.



Server is tested for stability, malware and security.


Mobile compliance

Sites compliant with mobile devicesare SEO recommended.

Social Media

Incorporate social media in your SEO effort.

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