5 Genuine New Year’s Resolutions for Social Media Marketers in 2016

There’s simply one thing regarding New Year’s resolutions. Despite all the resolutions that you don’t keep up, you are never tired of creating new ones. It provides you hope for betterment, be it personal or professional. It provides you with a goal to which you can carve up your path to accomplish it.

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So, here are some over-arching resolutions for social media marketers to adopt for 2016:

1) Be a lot more awe-inspiring than last year

2015 was an exciting year for social media with Facebook launching Instant Articles, Twitter releasing Moments and Snapchat introducing Discover. Even though these developments came with challenges of their own, they gave social media marketers a lot of options to share content and engage with their audiences. On similar lines, 2016 will be a promising year – with the surge in real-time marketing, social commerce and a lot of targeted advertising, social media will reach new heights by next year.


2) Outline your social mix

The beginning of the year could be an ideal time to rethink your social mix. Assess the engagement levels across all your social profiles and make necessary changes accordingly.  If 2015 has been a good year for you on social media, then discover new ways to make 2016 even better. If you’re looking at expanding your horizon on social media, you may consider exploring new platforms. Only do so if you have the resources to create and maintain them actively

3) Leverage the distinctive options of every platform

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat – all these social media platform are always evolving. Growing your following and building engagement across multiple platforms demands a well-developed strategy that takes into consideration the distinctiveness of every platform. For instance, both Facebook and LinkedIn are providing users with a number of ways to publish their content natively. You must look out for such opportunities in 2016.

Social Media Marketing in Phoenix


4) Explore different content formats, particularly video

In a recent study by Regalix, 83% of the respondents said that video was extremely effective in meeting their content promoting goals. It was also found that that almost all videos (79% of them) were distributed via social media. If you’ve been limiting yourself to text content, 2016 is that the year for you to experiment with new content formats like visuals, audio, and video. It is unquestionably harder to create, but it will be well worth the effort.

5) Improve content distribution

There was a time once when content creators, assured of the standard of work they created, didn’t feel the pressure to push or distribute it extensively. However, with the quantity of content being created and shared, it is extremely hard for their content to be seen. In fact, good marketers are currently spending adequate time on repurposing, distributing and re-distributing their content after creating it. This coming year, the ROI on your social content and its promotion will rely mainly on your distribution strategy. Therefore, ensure that you have a sound one in place.

Social media is just like a clock as it never stops ticking, and we all are always just catch up. However as exhausting as it may appear, you must set your sight on accomplishing your targets and goals this coming year. We hope these resolutions can assist you to get ahead.

Have a wonderfully social 2016!

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