5 Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2016

2015 has ended, and as we look ahead to 2016 now, it’s critical we evaluate the shift in trends to stay at the top of our game.  Make your 2016 extremely productive by keeping a close eye on the trends mentioned below.

SEO Company in Phoenix1. Smartphones are top priority

At present, there are over 198.5 million Smartphone users in the US alone. Up until this point, content, app, and web development has been intended mainly for the desktop users with Smartphones just being a portable alternative. In 2015, there was a noticeable shift in this line of thinking with many organizations shifting their priorities to mobile devices. The recent advancement in portable technology has enabled organizations to connect with their clients at a personal level. This shift was due to the sharp increase in the number of Smartphone users. If your business has not including this as a part of its campaign, then you are losing a big chunk of market share.

2. A Shift in focus from SEO to Social Media is expected

There is a gradual shift in user behavior with regards to searching for information about products and services. While search engines have dominated in this aspect for a while now, numerous users are favoring the information provided by social media over search engines. This trend is catching up slowly but surely. Some other reasons for this shift are that social media focuses mainly on visual content whereas search engines rely on text-heavy content, which is not as attractive as visual content. The other reason is that the feedback from pre-existing customers is invaluable to potential clients. Social media is far superior at offering such feedback to the users. This signifies that both SEO and SMM are important.

3. Facebook will Dominate even though their Audience Will be Older

Any prediction that Facebook is losing significance is entirely false. As long as Facebook keeps including new functions and improving security, it will remain the predominant online networking platform. Having said that, you must note that younger customers are tending to utilize other online networking stages to communicate with each other and share content.

4. Expectations for Quality Content Will Skyrocket

As the notoriety of inbound marketing builds, so will the quantity of content available to users. This availability will enhance the standards with regards to quality and the assortment of content offered. Intelligent content creators will prioritize user’s inclination for video and picture over content. Note that these preferences exist in both B2B and B2C segments.Social-media-marketing-in-Phoenix (3)

5. Oculus Rift will Change the Customer Experience dramatically

Even though it is scheduled to be released in early 2016, the possibilities that accompany Oculus Rift is changing the way advertising strategists are thinking on intuitive content and user engagement. All those who doubted using storytelling as a means to reach customers will be on their toes to do so using technologies 360-degree content.

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