6 ideas for increasing your conversion rates on social media

Many companies find it hard to get conversions, in spite of having started social media marketing and having done everything that the Social Media Gurus have recommended. It is indeed frustrating if after having invested a considerable amount of money, time and energy in social media marketing, your business is not getting the desired outcome, i.e. conversions.


The following are some of the tips and tricks that you can use to turn your social media followers into paying clients:

1. Integrate the website and social media:

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking that the website and the social media are separate assets, and should work independently of each other to get clients. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Ideally, you should attract clients on social media and then guide them to your website, where they can purchase your products or services. This is how social media should complement your website. Rarely you can sell anything on the social media without guiding the customer to the online shop on your website.

2. Become an expert:

You should work towards building your status as an expert in your area of business. Clients are often looking for help from a real person, and not a faceless company. Continuous interaction with them and the creation of high-quality content will make them to trust you as an authority. Thereafter, many people would approach you for advice regarding their business and would become paying customers.

3. Leverage LinkedIn Groups:

The LinkedIn Groups can give you access to the right persons in the right companies. Building a rapport with them by exchanging thoughts and ideas will enable you to get access to their company and pitch for their accounts.

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4. Listen and converse:

It is of utmost importance that you listen to what people are saying on social media, not only about your company, brand or product, but about your competitors as well. Use a social media monitoring tool like HootSuite or Social Mention to hear what people are saying.

5. Reach out:

When you listen to conversations on social media, you will often find people discussing about a problem that you can solve, or a product that you offer. For example, if you sell toothpastes that contain special ingredients for gum protection, and someone is talking about a gum problem that he is having, then you can add value by solving his problem through your products. You can use Twitter or Facebook very cleverly to join the conversation, build up a relationship and then draw his attention to the benefits that your toothpaste offers. This way, you can directly get customers very effectively.


6. Advertise:

Most of the social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter allow you to advertise on their platforms. These work on a Cost Per Click basis and are suitable even for brands which have a small marketing budget. These will also give you the tools to target your ads to the specific set of customers who are most likely to buy your products, thereby ensuring that you get the most out of your ad spends.

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