Social Media Marketing Can Get You SEO Benefits Too

In the early days of digital marketing, SEO and social media optimization used to be two completely separate strategies. However, over the years, this divide between SEO and social media has slowly narrowed down and the two strategies have become increasingly interwoven.

Both social media and search engine optimization place a lot of importance on the content and authority of the individual or organization. So, the effort that you put on social can give you additional benefits by impacting your SEO as well. Let us look at a few smart benefits that we can derive for SEO by conducting social media campaigns.


1. Feature original content

The search engines today look at social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn to understand what people are talking about. So, a great way to get exposure is to create original posts and articles for these platforms, which become a hit and preferably go viral. Any content which is shared rapidly is likely to get you a number of backlinks from various websites, which in turn enhances the SEO of the page.

2. Social media profiles

The search engines have started showing social media profiles of companies and individuals in their result pages. For certain targeted keywords, the social media profiles now have a high probability of ranking on the top of the SERPs. The companies thus have a great opportunity to highlight their brand identity through these profiles. By seeing both the website and the social media profiles of the companies in the SERPs, the users are likely to visit both, and engage with the company further. Correctly Perform SEO on your Facebook Fan Page to enhance traffic

3. Links on social media profiles help in indexing

There is a debate amongst digital marketers regarding whether links placed on these posts count as valuable backlinks are not. However, these links are a great way for the search engine bots to find websites featuring good content, and index the websites better.

4. Status updates

Apart from social media profiles, the search engines have started showing social media status updates in the search results also. So, there is a high possibility of status updates containing good content being featured prominently in the SERPs. Google+ posts are being shown already, and Facebook posts will also be shown.


5. Social factors are likely to impact search results soon

It is only a matter of time that social signals get built into search engine algorithms. With social media becoming more powerful by the day, there is a high chance that it will become a dominant factor in determining the search rankings sometime soon. So, companies should continue to build upon their social media efforts and can expect to see it directly affecting SEO in the near future.

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