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6 Mega Google Changes Decide the Future of SEO

The term SEO has seen incredible leaps and evolved into what it is today embodying all the successful and unsuccessful approaches of the past. The importance of SEO is reflected in the fact that every website out there is looking for an SEO expert that can alone bring a major upsurge in the sales of a business by rendering it the top rank among search engines.


Google has dismissed the SEO that was tactical and introduced changes that have shifted the SEO in a direction of strategic growth. Here are the changes adopted by Google that give us some good insight on SEO do’s and don’ts.

1) (“Not provided”)

Google secured all the organic search results and now we have no idea of keyword data that drove the user to our website. This is detrimental for some websites who are in dark about the intent of customers visiting sites and this takes away an effective optimization tool. So keyword data is not hard to decipher which makes the task quite difficult for owners.

2) Absence of Page Rank Updates

Google used to update the ranking page every 3 months and now skipping two updates, the results are the same since this February. A team official confirmed that Google has no plans of updating Toolbar PageRank for this entire year which gives hints of this toolbar fading away.
This idea is well accepted among people who don’t use it prominently and Google itself pressed that it doesn’t use PageRank the way people comprehend.

3) Conversing Hummingbird

Google’s Hummingbird revolutionized the keyword systems and proved it intelligence. This enables the users to practice conversational searches. This potential platform has witnessed a huge improvement and is never stopping. They also reduced raw data access and have almost learnt to understand the user’s demands quicker than before.

4) Google+

This board gained a high momentum since its inception and is making it big in the market. The Google+ links are not treated like the normal web shares but they do have hidden SEO value when seen with similar factors. Also, the posts of Google+ pop up in normal searches too which shows that there are numerous activities taking place in its network.


5) Authorship

This enables Google to link the latest web content to the original author. Over time, this can highlight the author’s potential in generating responses and help in determining their performance based on “author ranks”. In the coming years, this can be used by Google to get the comprehensive write-ups to be displayed prominently in answer to queries (just the insider’s talk).

6) Informative Articles

Google came up with this feature in order to encompass the growing craving of users to learn something new every single day. This is not a criterion for SEO ranking but this may become one in the near future with Publisher and author rank playing close in this matter. Then the quality and not just the keywords would surely be a big deal.

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