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SEO Practices to Remember while Structuring URLs

The ranking of websites on search engines is just like the grading system of education. You need to pass some tests and possess certain qualities, work hard and put up your best in order to score well.

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Akin to this system, websites need to have a clever SEO that is a sure shot weapon to get you in the top ranks and believe it or not, the sole purpose of any website is to make it to the top 5 or, to the very least, get displayed on the foremost page when a person searches for it. The giant engines Google as well as Bing have an easy ranking system. You need to remember that in SEO keeping it simple and easy works every single time.

Keep it as easy as possible

An ideal SEO practice is to keep everything simple and readable. Search engines have a mind of their own(not kidding with the amount of technicalities) and they tend to prioritize the easy-to-read URLs over others. The main target is to make the URL accessible which is an integral part of SEO.

Use keywords smartly in URLs

Speaking with evidences, this is not a myth. It actually works best if you put keywords at appropriate positions. Keywords in website’s URL serve as the indicators of your business and help the target customers in finding you sooner.  When a keyword-integrated URL is copied and pasted in links, it acts as the anchor text rendering it a better position in the ranking game. Such URLs are considered and visited more than others.



Canonicalize multiple URLS

If your website has a duplicate content and two URLs serving these contents, then it is best to use 301 redirect or rel=canonical to canonicalize them. This ensures that one of your content maintains a high ranking and enhanced traffic of frequent visitors. Similar contents can prove detrimental to the overall ranking potentials of both the sites.

Encourage URLs that provide an insight on content

This is a great tactic to get the user’s attention. If you have the title of your content in the URL (not always necessary or possible), then the user gets an idea of what he is likely to get or read on clicking it. Keeping absurd alphabets in URL confuses the user while aligning the title of the page with the visible URL can really catch the users’ eye and interest them.


Use hyphens (no hashes please)

In the recent process, the search giants treat hyphens an underscores similarly. Using spaces can get awkward results in the middle of URLs like %30 which distracts the users. It is also best to avoid hashes because though they serve as great tracking devices, they are not popular among the site- ranking board.

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