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A Sitemaps Case Study By Oragnizein Phoenix, Az

Improve your site indexation

For optimising a site, Google Webmaster Tools is always the best place to start. This gives an indication of your site health highlighting any possible problems your site may have in the future. With many other indicators, GBT gives you the number of pages that you indexed in Bing search results page and Google search results page. The more your pages are in the search index, the opportunities for ranking, and on top content are more. In addition to this, if you have more supporting content for your key landing pages, then you will have a higher ranking in SERP and high SEO traffic.

How to improve your Site indexation?

A good starting point would be XML sitemaps. It provides a list of web pages to add-on the search engines based mechanism to explore new content. Many sites have very poor infrastructure, and it does not allow Search Engines to discover web pages when it is crawling in your sites. For this purpose, a XML sitemap would help Search Engine find your page. Please note that having a crawlable infrastructure as well as having XML sitemaps won’t assure you that your URL will be indexed. Google analyses your sitemaps to determine the infrastructure of your site and considers it as a factor in determining the entry of your URL’s in the canonical version. XML sitemaps are specifically designed to Mobile, Video, Image and News and will improve your indexation in SERP.

News XML Sitemap

A regular publisher of news related content is recommended to have a News sitemap. For your news content to be recognised in Google news it needs to be reviewed and having a News sitemap would make it easier. News sitemaps has an extra feature of using News specific tags and these tags can contain only URL’s of articles published in the last two days. News sitemap must be included along with your generic sitemaps.


Video Sitemap

Video XML sitemaps helps Google to find out where exactly are the video contents located in your site. Googlebot discovers the video content at your site, if it cannot recognise the videos in the given URL, it automatically ignores them. Please ensure that you include the tag that points to the video (<video: content_loc>).

Image Sitemap

Use extensions in your XML sitemaps to get all your images indexed. This extension will help Google in discovering the important images on your webpage and to include them in Google.


Mobile Sitemap

Mobile specific XML sitemaps are confined to mobile content only. Any content that will serve non mobile content will be ignored by Google. Special CSS/ HTML templates specifically designed for Smart-phones are used in XML sitemap.

Sitemaps Tips

A trick in using sitemaps is by breaking your XML sitemaps into smaller sitemaps by sections or areas. By doing this you can monitor your performance of each area of sites and also identify the indexation problems and resolve it.

Site indexation is a factor that determines your ranking in SERP. Sitemaps helps in reducing complexity of finding your content by Google. Sitemaps are extensively used by all digital marketing companies. An SEO company would ensure that these sitemaps are included in optimising all the pages in your website. Organizein, an SEO company in Phoenix use all the modern techniques of digital marketing in optimising your page.

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