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The Indirect Benefits of Guest Posting in SEO – By Organizein Phoenix, Az

The decaying of guest blogging as one of the techniques of SEO was inevitable. On March last year, Google penalised a big guest blog network. This followed the blog by Matt Cutts. This took the virtual world by a storm as MyBlogGuest was not designed for spam. It was not originally designed for purpose of SEO but few people were found to be using this platform for spam. For this reason, Google took it out.

Guest posting was supposed to be a plus point in Search Engine Optimisation but the problem with it was the approach of the people towards it. They were targeting different domains to cover maximum posts and this led to problems.

Let us take an example to understand this. Assume that a publisher has about 50 websites that publish contents about those market happenings on a regular basis. The brand authorities of these websites vary. Popular websites are preferred more than not so popular websites. A publisher would do six blog posts per month. These posts become popular and hence these posts gain access to popular and high brand authority sites easily. As they continue publishing posts their quality starts deteriorating. And eventually these posts fall into the “weak” posts category. Because of losing popularity of the posts and as a result they start publishing new articles in bad and unpopular websites.


The other alternative to take advantage of guest blogging is to publish your content on websites that do not update the happenings of their market place on a regular basis. This also has its drawback that is lack of relevance and irregular postings. That is there is no continuity in your posts and due to irrelevance and lack of continuity, readers lose their way.

Press Releases

Issuing advertisements for SEO as press release is one of the technique that optimisers use. There are ways to get maximum exposure to the public and media people. That is by using illustrations as shown in the figure below:

The illustration shows a simple process of growth of your business using Search Engine Optimisation.

Press releases are one of the ways to draw attention of the media and bloggers towards your business. A guest blogging will also have the same effect but that would be indirect. However, the concept of both remains same.

Publish in High authority sites

The ranking for high authority sites are based on the content they publish, relevance to the product or service they are talking about and the traffic of those sites. So for you to get maximum exposure, publish unique, relevant and interesting content in high authority sites. Publish your blogs in long interval of time. This way more people would search for your posts as it increases their curiosity.


Guest blog posting has its advantages and disadvantages. But if used in a calculated way, it can increase the popularity of your web pages. For this purpose, many businesses outsource these content creation responsibilities to top SEO companies like Organizein. An SEO company in Phoenix known for its delivery of impeccable service is now at your service in Phoenix, Arizona. Guest blogs should be unique and it should always throw light on new perspectives. As you keep writing, it becomes challenging to come up with something new every time. Organizein helps you in just this. Digital marketing helps you gain popularity all over the world through Social media and websites.

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