Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Isn’t it fun when an email lands in your inbox and it happens to be about your favorite product? You would excitedly open it hoping for a good sale or a big promotion. This is the reason why Email Marketing for small businesses is so successful. Because it reaches bulk customers in no time and is super convenient for the users to review at their computers, cellphones or tablets.


Below are the ten reasons that make Email Marketing so popular:

 10. Inexpensive:

One of the main reasons why Email Marketing is widely used is because it is inexpensive as compared to other mediums of advertising like magazines, billboards and TV channels. The marketers however will spend money on buying a decent software to send out, track and manage bulk emails but the price of the software along with the usage overheads is a lot lower then the other mediums.

 9. Reaches Loyal Customers:

One of the communication avenues that consumers request to receive is Email Marketing. It is the only medium that the users of the brand sign up to receive in hope for updates, discounts or new launches. Well-known brands only use Email Marketing for consumers that sign up to receive them and do not send unsolicited emails as they are considered to be spam and that impacts negatively on the brand.

 8. Segmentation:

It would be ideal for marketers if they could only advertise to the customers who are interested in their products. But Email Marketing solves this problem by providing marketers the option to target the customers that have given details in their subscription related to the brand. This way customers who showed interest in a particular brand or product become part of a segmented list. Marketers can then send in specific brand emails to that particular list.

 7. Call to Action:

The only marketing tool that has the highest number of purchase decisions is through Email Marketing. The impulse buying behavior is encouraged when the consumer sees a product they want and end up buying it with just the click of the button.

 6. Simple to Create:

Creating a marketing email is no rocket science. One can easily draft something up with the use of attractive templates however it is the simple text that has proven to convince customers.

 5. Easy Tracking:

Email Marketing is one of the easiest tools to track as compared to any other medium. Most of the software allows marketers to make modifications based on the click through and conversion rates.


4. Sharing is Super Easy:

With a simple click of a button marketers can share their promotions, deals and new launches through bulk email marketing to the subscribers or existing consumers.

 3. International:

Just like social media can get your word across boundaries, Email Marketing ensures your content is landing in inbox across the world.

 2. Immediate Results:

Because of the immediate results seen by most email marketers businesses can gain quick revenues by launching short sales or 24 hours promotions. These campaigns show off immediate good results.

 1. Return on Investment:

Revenue and numbers are the most important results for all businesses. The Return on Investment on Email Marketing is amazing as surveyed by Direct Marketing Association in 2011, that Email Marketing returned £40 for every £1 invested.

Keeping the above in mind, it is clear that small businesses should adopt Email Marketing in order to reach their targeted customers in the lowest cost with great results. For more information about E-Mail Marketing for your small business consult SEO Agency in Phoenix to get effective results.

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