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Schema, The Next Big Thing!

Schema is the new way to sort the whole internet out. A system which makes it easier for their search engines to identify a site, or even a paragraph.


Its the era of Online Presence Marketing and site providing a collection of schemas will transform the way of marketing online


This is recognized by major search providers, and can also be used for structured data interoperability (e.g. in JSON). Search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex rely on this to improve their display of searching results and making it easier for people.


  • Schema codes are different forms of code, not like Meta Tags. These are inserted into div tags and h1 tags and span tags. This codes are integrated is such a way that the whole HTML code don’t get affected, making it more user friendly.

Search has become more and more complex now a days with complexity in humanity, technology, lifestyle. There are now many more things and categories than ever before.


Thus Schema is a tool to help search engines to categorize different pages and has become a helping hand for big SEOs like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In Simple Terms, schema is just a small piece of code added to your HTML, directing search engines to certain page or paragraph. There’s nothing magical about it. Google, Yahoo and Bing are using it to further enhance the artificial intelligence of their search engine.


  • Itemscope is a shortcode to specify the kind of an item you are discussing about. It generally comes with an itemtype short code for tagging a page or entry , instead of the search deciding the number and place of your keywords.

For example, I used the itemtype Online Presence Marketing because my blog entry comes under that category.

  • Itemprop is a shortcode for identifies the properties of that specified itemtype of yours.

For example, in this code, I identified the properties of itemtype Online Presence Marketing am about to use.

In English, I’m just telling the search engine that the Page is about online presence marketing.

There are many itemprop codes for a short set of words, and if I sit on writing it would become a novel. You can have as many itemscope, itemtypes and itemprops as it necessisate.


As you already might have guessed, Schema code is very tasking to install and implementation takes time for many pages, unless you have only a handful of pages.

I won’t be implementing Schema on every page but would do it on those, which I would like to test on. Anyhow, there is no solid proof that Schema-embedded sites do rank higher than others.

Another disadvantage of Schema is that, it cannot be implemented in a WordPress document posts as it deletes un-recognized HTML codes. But any how you can put it inside template editor.

Implementation of these Schema code in one or two pages of your website would reflect your rankings.

Most small and medium-scale businesses find it hard to be seen online. Getting good visibility seems to be a task that is ‘next to impossible’. If you are genuine company that offers high quality services/products according to your client’s expectation, there is only one thing that can stop you from ranking among the top. Get in touch with us to get the visibility that your business deserves.

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