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Email Marketing Is A Must For Every Business

Email marketing is a very effective digital marketing technique that can be used by every new and established business. It is a great way to reach out to the prospective and existing customers. Email marketing has several benefits, due to which it has been a popular tactic.


The following are some compelling reasons why you should initiate email marketing for your business:

  • Simplicity:

Email marketing is no rocket science. There are several email marketing services which have simplified the process of email marketing and made it usable even by those who do not possess advanced technical knowledge.

  • Cost effectiveness:

Email marketing does not require a large budget to get started. Even if you have just $ 20, you can start your email marketing efforts. Once you find what works for you, you can deploy more of your marketing budget on this to scale up your efforts.

  • Reach:

Most of the Internet users have an email account, and as per estimates, over 90% of them check the email accounts daily. Hence, email marketing can possibly give you a greater reach than any other digital marketing technique. It has an even higher rate of usage than social media, which is another direct way to reach out to your customers.

  • Time-saving:

The availability of a variety of email templates with the various email service companies like Mailchimp and Aweber has made the task of creating an email message easy and quick. Once you have a message ready, you can use one of the templates and get started with email marketing in less than an hour. Thus, the time investment on email marketing is not high at all.

  • Direct:

Instead of bombarding a list of addresses with your emails, you should allow your customers to voluntarily opt-in to receive emails from you. If the users find your communications useful, then they would want to receive these emails from you. So when they see your email in their inbox, the chances of them opening it is very high. In this way, you can ensure that you stay on top of their minds through your emails all the time, and can put across your messages to them directly.


  • Customer retention:

You can customize the content of the email depending on the type of customer you want to cater to. For example, if you have some regular products and some other niche products, you can have separate emails promoting each of them to a completely different set of customers. This helps in increasing repeat sales and in customer retention.

  • Highest Return on investment:

Various surveys have proved that email marketing offers one of the highest returns on investment amongst all the digital marketing tactics. Depending on its usage, it can offer a return of anywhere between 21% and 45% on the investment made. This is a reflection of the super effectiveness of email marketing as a digital media tactic.

Due to these indisputable benefits, you should adopt email marketing for promoting your business to your customers.

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