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Golden Rules For Optimizing Your Social Media Presence

Contrary to what many people believe, achieving success in social media is not dependent upon chance. In fact, it requires careful strategizing and adherence to some golden rules on a continuous basis by the social media marketers. A careful and calculated approach towards social media can ensure that both the brand image and the sales of the company get a boost.


  • Do not expect quick results: Social media marketing is not an overnight game. Typically, it will take you a long time to start reaping any benefits from it. So have patience and do not give up easily.
  • Be active: One of the primary goals of social media marketing is to build visibility and get heard. This will not be possible unless you spend as much time as possible on the social media networks. Post useful content and participate in discussions and conversations as much as possible. This will build your visibility in the online forums and people will start recognizing you as a person of authority. Remember that a prolonged absence from the social media platforms will be extremely detrimental to your brand recognition.

  • Listen attentively: Monitor what people are saying about you. Unless you are attentive to the conversations where your brand is being mentioned, you will never be able to respond to the queries or comments that are being posted. These conversations will also help you identify topics on which you can create content that can generate maximum response.
  • Post good content: Do not post low-quality content just for the sake of posting. Never release anything on social media unless you are sure that it is of acceptable quality. Once your followers start liking the content that you are posting, they will start sharing it among their followers and other social networks as well. This will create a chain of shares and likes, which will ensure that the content starts ranking high on search engine, resulting in additional SEO benefits for you.
  • Acknowledge adequately: when someone reaches out to you in some way or the other, then always acknowledge their gesture. Ignoring people who want to reach out to you will drive them off. This will spell doom for your social media efforts. So, give them recognition.


  • Thank your promoters: when someone likes or shares your content, then thank them and try to engage further with them. You can in turn share content that they are producing. This will further strengthen the relationship and may get you more dedicated followers as well.
  • Do not sell all the time: if your sole purpose of using social media is to sell, then you will start losing followers pretty soon. After all, no one likes to read promotional messages all the time. So, create useful content mostly and only post promotional messages once in a while.
  • Identify influencers: identify and engage with online influencers who can help promote your brand on social media. Getting endorsed by influencers is a great way of getting visibility and credibility for your brand.

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