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How To Avoid Tarnishing Your Brand Reputation On Social Media

Do you think that social media is an excellent way to build up your online reputation? Well, that is just partially true. It is also the easiest way to tarnish your image if you do something wrong. Post one wrong message on your social network and the chances are that someone, somewhere will start using it against you. Unfortunately, it is not only your competitors that you should be scared of. Sometimes, even a disgruntled follower or an unsatisfied customer would be looking for a chance to hurt your reputation. For them, such posts can be a great weapon.


We now live in a world where there is an abundance of information that is available to the public. So, while building brand image and spreading brand awareness through social media, every company should be extra careful about every post that they make. There is no room for errors, due to the reasons mentioned above.

So let us discuss a few ways in which we can ensure that we don’t make a blunder on social media.

Build a strong social media team:

Sooner or later, your company might build a dedicated social media team, or designate a group of people who will be responsible for handling social media activities. Handling of social media requires great care and expertise. So, it is very important that only trustworthy and responsible people are chosen to be a part of the team.


Preferably select people who have prior experience in handling social media and executing marketing campaigns. This will save you the trouble of training.

If you ask a newcomer to handle it all by himself or herself, chances are he will make blunders quite often. So ensure that an experienced professional is made the head of the team, or you must monitor it yourself provided you have the required expertise and experience. Any newcomer should work under the social media head till he gains enough experience.

Gain knowledge about the platform:

Even before starting off with a social media network, it is highly recommended that the company understands the culture, norms, rules and regulations of that network. Every social media network is very different from other. So develop a deep understanding of the social media network before starting a page or a marketing campaign on it.



Use hashtags responsively:

using Hashtags is a great way to gain visibility. Unless you use it  the right way, it can sometimes work against you too. If you start posting using the wrong hashtags, which have nothing to do with your business or products, then you may earn negative publicity from people or brands who are using that hashtag. So choose your hashtags carefully.

Monitor constantly:

whether you have a team or not, it is important that as an entrepreneur, you should keep monitoring your brand’s social media marketing. Every one of your team members should also be very careful about the photos or links being posted. Double check everything before posting so that you don’t inadvertently make a blunder, which might prove to be costly for your brand image.

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