Google+: Do’s and Don’ts for Small Businesses

The online community has vast options to offer to enhance the online visibility of small businesses and help them reach a better ranking position. As beneficial it may be for personal usage, Google+ has earned a reputation in aiding businesses because it walks shoulder to shoulder with Google Search engine. Google+ is the platform that promises to elevate your website ranking and guarantees relevant customer traffic by integrating with Google for Business board. It helps your potential customers know your services, location, mobile number and more on the Google Search page.


Google + is dissimilar to the regular social media and has a lot more in the sack than just circulating posts and information. It can be transformed into an effective marketing tool by crafting a clever strategy and remembering the things that need and need not be done while using Google+.

Do’s :- 

1. Pull out the SEO weapon

Google + is the offspring of Google and hence is weighed in terms of its SEO worth. A tiny effort of integrating Google+ Landing page with Business page and having a good SEO agency in hand can get your business to an appreciably high rank when the search is location-based.

2. Use visuals

Images are a great addition if you wish to gain the trust of your customers, especially the locals. Images are displayed in search result page and it gets a lot easier to trust when the clients see you location, your infrastructure and your workforce.

3. Share content tactfully

Google+ relies on the +1 share button. This button when clicked can get you more publicity and hence leads.  Personalize your link shares and contents by peppering some additional comments and see the response it grabs for you in time.

4. Create Extraordinary Posts

Make use of the attractive elements like italicizing and indenting your posts. Add visual appeal by incorporating significant images. These small elements can actually make your posts unique and don’t forget the trending #hash tags.

5. Target your customers

Segregate your clients and put in the effort of making your blogs reach the valuable customers. Take time to know the preference of people in your circle and post and share accordingly.


Don’ts :- 

1. Forget to take Reviews

Good reviews win half the trust battle. Don’t forget to lend your Google+ link to the happy customers. They will leave by giving you a new customer base.

2. Neglect your profile

A lot of business owners fail to make use of the magic-wands present in the market. Don’t keep your profile incomplete. They are your online resumes so make sure to adorn them with authentic information.

3. Forget about ‘Circles’

Circles speak a lot about you. They are tiny organizing tools and should not be overlooked. They help you create targeted posts that the leads or contacts are genuinely interested in.

4. Make Google+ your cheese

Keep in mind your business needs and incorporate Google+ in your marketing strategy accordingly. It is only clever to give this platform your valuable time if your contacts are active too. Don’t centralize your strategy here; just create it as a supplement.

5. Wait for customers to come to you

Apparently, this never happens. You need to reach out and make yourself heard by careful organization and integration of your services and the customers’ demands.

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