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Link Building Strategies Perfectly Suitable for 2015 and Further

The latest penguin Update killed the conventional spam and the low-quality links on its way, drastically affecting the websites that were entertaining these. This latest invasion has made the web developer, SEO agency and business owner to ponder on the best SEO strategies that can be used to craft secure links, the ones that don’t get targeted by future updates. Enlisted are the points that are absolute requirements.


Avail Pillar Contents

The sure shot way to acquire links to a site is the clever building of Pillar content.  This strategy works wonders because it engages your readers by giving them the summary of your posts. The concept of pillar content is to offer valuable insight into the blog.  They can be peppered with infographics and prove as a good bait in rewarding success to the site.

Usage of Content Curation

Content curation is phoenix for the blog newbies. There are a number of blogs that testify the success of this strategy by earning links from numerous distinguished domains. If you are one of the organized people, then you sure can give a distinct meaning to this new concept of SEO marketing.

Seek Press Contacts

Supporting a journalist’s views about a strong topic can prove to be lucrative for you. This strategy is super-easy and you only need to have certain amount of skills to back the claims or views. This is not a sure shot way to get you success but it cannot be overlooked. Use services like HARO to know this step and have a deep SEO understanding.

Testimonials return gift

As the popular bloggers have directed our attention to this strategy, it has proven success. Lend testimonials as “return gifts” for links to the blogs. This might feature you in the reputed companies’ landing-pages and earn you a recognized position. Link acquisition strategies have gained a lot from the testimonial usage.

Building broken link strategies

Ignored by many, unused by some; broken link building still remains to be crucial in repairing the web. It involves the simple concept of scaling the links on the website and correcting them. A number of broken link building tools are available that help to maintain the quality of our web environ and get you acquired links from worthy domains. It is online hospitality.


Curate Quotes from Top Personalities

Readers follow great people and featuring quotes from the celebrities of different niches is going to be good for you. Personalities  with high search volume are the ones that are sure to attract some quality traffic to your blog. So give the visitors what they want and like to read by targeting the social-influencers of the web to attract links for your own good.

Use Engaging Quizzes to Build Links

Sometimes, contents everywhere can get a little boring and so use SEO to test the intelligence of readers by indulging them in quizzes. They get you links and boost the promoting strategies. Engage the readers and see what leverage it gets your links. For more information get in touch with us

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