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How Panda and Penguin algorithms affect your search engine rankings

Search engine giant Google has realized that companies can go to any extend and do almost anything that they can do to get to number one position in search results. Earlier, keywords used to matter the most. But, in past few years, Google had introduced stringent regulations to ensure that genuine and desirable companies with genuine interest of doing business gets to the first page and the spams are filtered out of the results.


With the intention of helping users find what is most relevant for them, Google recently has come up with two major algorithm changes named ‘Panda’ in 2011 and ‘Penguin’ in 2012. These two algorithm updates  have changed the way people used to get rankings. If you don’t adhere to these changes, you could end up paying a big price for this. So, here is how these two algorithm updates affect your rankings:

Things that matter in Google Panda

  • No nonsense. Make sure your content is information and good to read. Poor grammar or useless information will get you flagged in no time.
  • Make sure your website has more than 90% unique content. Duplication can cost you dearly. Be careful with your headings, sub-headings, etc.
  • Apart from having unique content, you should have meaningful content on your website. Its shouldn’t be auto-generated. Instead, Google loves content that is created by human beings. It loves content that clearly explains the objective of the page. It loves content that human being would like to read.
  • Your page should have minimum amount of advertisement. If your web page looks like an advert, it can be blacklisted. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have advertisements. You should but in a smarter way.
  • Keywords are no more the most important factor for getting better page ranks. This is what Google Panda declared. If your website is overstuffed with keywords, you will be marked as a spam.
  • things-that-matter-google-pa
  • Things that matter in Penguin

    • Google has been giving excessive emphasis on quality. Penguin updates strictly mentions that the content should be authoritative. It should be linked to various, relevant sources. It should be good to read and should have got good response from readers. The quality threshold is not difficult to pass; you just need to follow the genuine process.
    • The links that you use to divert traffic towards your website should be relevant. They shouldn’t be found on irrelevant websites or websites that are too different from your business or industry. So, stick to your niche.
    • Go for organic linking. It takes time but organic link building is ethical. By using shortcuts you will invite troubles, as Google will automatically catch you when it will notice a sudden upsurge in backlinks to your website.
    • Use different anchor text. Penguin updates have made Google smarter enough to detect all unethical means that you may use to get to the top position. Do not repeat the same keywords in the content and in the anchor text. Use synonyms or similar terms.
    • google-penguine
    • We hope this blog helps you understand the search engine algorithms and incorporate them in your website.
    • History-of-Top-Google-Algorithm-Updates

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