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Here is how you can use the Facebook Insights

In our earlier blog, we discussed about what Facebook insights are and how they can help you. In this blog, we will be discussing about how you can check the insights and gather vital information that will help you shape your social media strategy.


Just in case you have missed our earlier blog: Facebook insights is an inbuilt feature that helps you track your page’s performance. It helps you find out how your audience responds to a specific post of yours. It helps you find out the recent activities of your page. In short, Facebook insights help you understand and determine what works and what doesn’t with your audience.

If you are not clear or want more details, you should read our blog on Everything you need to know about Facebook insights

If you know what Facebook Insights are, here is how you can use them:

  • To access the new insights, you have to go to your admin panel. The insights button is located beside the ‘get more like’ button. Once you click on it, you will see entire overview.
  • The overview page will provide you extensive information about your page’s performance. The details will be distributed into four sections i.e. four tabs:
    • Overview
    • Page
    • Posts
    • People
    • Different-facebook-tabs
    • Overview tab

      The overview tab will provide you a summary of what is going on with your page. It will have graphical representation of your page’s performance. The graphs will show you comparison of your page likes between the current week and past week. You will also get graphs showing comparison of your post reach between this week and current weak. You will also be able to see a comparison of your page’s engagement between current week and past week.

    • Screenshot_12
    • Page tab

      The page tab is divided into three parts:

      • Page likes
      • Page visit
      • Post reach

      The ‘page likes’ section has graphs that will tell you about how many people liked your page in total. You can also find out your net likes; i.e. the unlikes you got, and also the organic likes and paid likes. Explore the graphs more and you will be able to find out the source of your likes, i.e. where the likes came from. The page likes part will help you understand the performance of your page.

      As the name clearly suggests, the ‘page visit’ part will help you track how many people visited your pages. You will be able to find out the external referrers through which you got the traffic i.e. the source from where the traffic is coming from; may be a good quality link, youtube video, Google search, etc.

The post reach part is useful for determining the performance of each post. You can compare likes, comments, shares, total reach, total hide post, etc. This data will help you shape your social media strategy accordingly. For example; if one of your posts got a lot of ‘hide post’ reaction, this means, many people did not like it. In future, you will avoid it. Similarly, if one of your posts got an immense number of likes and comments, it indicates that people liked it and you should post such similar content.

 Post tab

The post tab is also divided into three sections:

  • All posts
  • When your fans are online
  • Best post types

The ‘all posts’ section is almost similar to its previous version. It lists down all your posts within a certain period. The additions here are that you will be able to filter the reach by organic versus paid and by fans versus non-fans. This is an amazing addition, as now you will be able to find out how non-fans are reacting to your posts.  Other than reach, you will also be able to filter the engagement metrics. You will be able to find out the post clicks, likes, shares, and comments. You can find out the number of post hides, spams, and unlikes. You will able to able to determine the overall engagement rate.




‘When your fans are online’ is an amazing feature. This data is represented in the form of a graph. The graph will help you find out:

  • How many fans of your page come online during each day of the week
  • The average number of people who saw your posts per hour

You would want to know when your fans would be online, wouldn’t you? When you know the exact time, you will post your content accordingly so that it reaches maximum number of people and generate maximum activity. This feature serves the purpose.

‘Best post types’ is another important addition to the new Facebook Insights. It helps you quickly determine the types of posts that got you most positive activity. Do you get maximum likes when you share photos of your products? Do you get maximum comments when you post something heart touching? By using this feature, you will be able to make better content choices.

The People Tab

This tab is designed to show you the demographics of your users. You can find out what is the age, gender, and location of your users. It also has three different parts:

  • Your fans
  • People reached
  • People engaged

The ‘your fans’ part gives you the insights of your fans. You can find out their gender, age, location. Move over the graph and you will see small details about them. The ‘people reached’ portion will provide you details about the number of people who are associated with your page; not in terms of gender or age, but in terms of numbers. The ‘people engaged’ section tells you about people who have not only liked you but also have taken active participation in your activities. It tells you about your fans who regularly read your posts, like them, share them, and comment on them.



We hope this blog helps you understand how to use the Facebook insights to gather vital information for preparing your social media strategy. For more information contact SEO Company in Phoenix

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