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How to Encourage Google to Crawl Your Website More Often

Putting up a website for your business/service is only half the work done. This task is followed by optimization, good SEO and employing all the other tools to generate the much-required lead traffic.


The first step, however, involves getting your website listed in Google’s search index.This can be done by submitting your website’s URL through this link . After this, Google bot visits your website in some days and starts indexing the website and keeps on doing this till the job is finished. The key point here is to know the intensity of the visit of Google bot i.e. indexing and the necessary measures you need to adopt to attract the bot.

The frequency of the Crawl

Google clearly mentions the frequency of crawls in its Google Webmaster Tools page. Use this link to go to your Webmaster account and then click on the “Crawl” section on the left side of the page. Here you will come across the “Crawl stats” option that gives you the frequency in the form of lines in a graph. The extent of indexing as well as the amount of pages crawled in a specific time period will be shown by the graph. Empty spaces in the line of graph depict no indexing on particular days.


How to Attract the Bot

Once you have the graph in front of you, you have the “real” frequency of indexing and now it is time to make appropriate changes to your website in order to pave the way for Google to visit your site more often.

Error Check

The obvious solution to improve on anything is to look for errors. Since you are dealing with the giant Google here, any sort of error on website or the underlying pages will not be entertained and serve as red signs for the Google bot. The possible reasons here may comprise of site timeout, downtime or inappropriate/null linking within the pages.

Sometimes the websites may be left out for weeks and so it is necessary that you speculate each and every element of your website by doing regular Error Checks. Also, if you fail to upgrade your websites, Google might just drop it out of its indexing schedule.


Load Time Check

Google bot, believe it or not, works like humans. If your webpage is getting ages to load, the bot will not waste its time on your website and pass on. Server problems or connectivity issues can cause the pages to take longer time.

The preventive measure required is to visit your website frequently and check the Page load time. The hosting service providers can get you a good rectification step and get your website back to its older form.

Quality check of inbound links

The inbound linking strategy not only works towards acquiring more readers but also gets you the attention of Google. It can follow the links and come to your page but this needs to be authentic. There have been cases where the inbound links were rejected by Google since they were unnatural.

Maintaining quality of inbound links is the only way to get the bot index your website frequently. Guest blogging is great bait too. For more information visit our website

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