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Image Tagging Can Give You Extra Visibility In Search Results

By nature, human beings get attracted towards visual information as it is both attractive and easy to understand and remember. Various surveys have shown that any content with images generally has greater engagement among the viewers. In some cases, it even has a higher conversion rate. For this reason, marketers, bloggers, and webmasters worldwide have started actively using engaging visual media like images, infographics and videos to capture the attention of their target audience.

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The use of visual marketing has gone up significantly over time as it promises a better reach. This is the reason why almost all social networks now started making image sharing much easier. But there is one problem with this, with the influx of so many images on the Internet, how do you ensure that your images reach your target audience?

The answer lies in image tagging. It is an easy process but gives you a far better results than just sharing the image.

Get your images found by image tagging

Image tagging is a very simple but powerful practice. It involves adding additional information or description to an image before uploading it to the relevant website or social media site. This information can be regarding what the image represents or its uniqueness. With the image of a product, many marketers provide information about its best features, price, how it can be purchased etc.



Image tagging can make your marketing more powerful. The various advantages of image tagging are as follows:

  • It helps your customers find the image seamlessly.
  • It Makes the image more meaningful and relevant to the customer’s needs.
  • As a marketer or business, you would be having a huge repository of images that you would manage. Image tagging will help you with this.
  • Boosts your image rankings in search results.

How to tag an image?

  • Identify the tags: the key to successful image tagging lies in locating the right tags. The tags that we use are of two types: keywords and hashtags.
    • Keywords: The image tagging will have no effect unless the proper keywords are selected. So do keyword analysis thoroughly before deciding on a particular tag. You can use a tool like Google AdWords to do the keyword research.
    •  Hashtags: hashtags allow you to find trending topics which users are likely to notice. The best tool to find the trending hashtags is Twitter itself. Once you have selected a hashtag that is getting a lot of attention, you can go ahead and create content and images around it. Once the image is ready, you can do proper image tagging and publish your content.
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