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Internal Link Building – Best SEO Technique For Websites

Out of the hundreds of SEO techniques that are available, we often overlook some techniques that can provide immediate benefits to us. One such aspect of on-page SEO is Internal Link Building.


Through Internal Link Building, we primarily try to Improve the navigational structure of the website so that the visitors can seamlessly navigate through the entire website.

Internal linking is as important as external link building and it is much easier to achieve fast. Primarily because, it is largely in our hands and does not require any coordination with third parties.

Why Internal Link Building is beneficial:


1. The main benefit of Internal Link Building is that it can greatly enhance the user experience of browsing through the website. Search Engines notice this and the rank of the site improves.

2. Users browse the Internet to look for useful and relevant information. When the internal link structure of the website is well defined, they will be able to quickly reach the pages that contain the required information.

3. When users find useful information in the pages, they will spend more time on the website. This will also reduce the Bounce Rate of the website.


4. A clear link structure also makes it easy for the entire site to be crawled by the search engine bots.

5. Internal Link Building is a great way to direct traffic from the popular pages with high traffic to the ones that are lesser-known so that the link juice flows to those pages as well.

Link building best practices:

1. The structure of the internal links should be hierarchical. The main page should point to the second level pages. All the child pages need to be linked to one of the second level pages in order to get crawled easily. Search bots will not be able to find any orphan page that is not linked to any other page. Also, do not link one page to too many other pages to avoid confusing visitors.

2. It is recommended to use breadcrumbs on pages to tell the users the links they followed from the main page to reach that page.

3. Always link pages that contain related information with each other. Linking pages containing completely different content will reduce the user experience.

4. Every hyperlink should have a proper anchor text which will be self-explanatory and help users understand what they will get by visiting the next page.

5. The pages must be content rich. If the users do not find relevant information, they will move away, resulting in a high bounce rate. Search engines also only value pages with good content and high authority.

6. Last but not the least, make all the pages of the website to which internal links point crawlable. Avoid putting internal links and then using the “rel= nofollow” attribute to stop the bots from accessing those pages.

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Implementing these simple but effective recommendations will ensure that your website becomes technically stronger and gains in the rankings.  Link Building Strategies Perfectly Suitable For 2015 And Further

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