Correctly Perform SEO on your Facebook Fan Page to enhance traffic

Have you ever noticed that search engines like Google show results from social media pages when you search for a business or product? This will tell you how important it is to correctly optimize your pages on social media sites like Facebook if you want to attract traffic to your website.


Important points for SEO:

1. Complete your profile

Ensure that the page is complete. The following factors are important in this respect:

a. Name:

The name or the title of the fan page is the first thing that the visitors will notice. The title is also treated as the Meta Title by search engines.

A good name should be:

  • Catchy, short and easy to remember.
  • Representative of your brand name.
  • Keyword optimized, but not keyword stuffed. Keyword stuffed names are known to reduce engagement from fans.

 b. URL:

Choose a URL that sound similar to the name of the page, and the brand. By default, Facebook allots page URLs that are long and difficult to remember. So every company should go and choose a Vanity URL for its Facebook page, which will look like This looks more professional, is easy to remember and highly suitable for SEO. If you have a brand page that has more than 25 likes, then you can apply for a Vanity URL on Facebook.

c. Contact details:

There is no point in maintaining a Facebook page if your fans do not know how to contact you for business. So, display your complete office address, contact number, website URL, and email ID on your Facebook fan page for on page and local SEO.

The About section, company overview and company location fields are treated as the Meta Description for different types of searches.


2. Feature great content:

The fans will be induced to interact with your page if they see that you post interesting and useful content. So make it a point to make your posts informative, easy to understand and valuable to the users.

 3. Keywords:

Do proper keyword research and then optimize the posts and status updates by placing the keywords in appropriate locations. Remember that right keyword optimization is one of the most important factors in SEO.

 4. Encourage conversation:

A Facebook page should not be a monologue. Encourage your fans to engage with you through polls, events. Offer promotional offers like discounts to keep them engaged.

 5. Back links:

Install highly relevant back links to your Facebook fan page from your website, Twitter account and your Blog page. Just like website SEO, back links on a Facebook page is treated as a mark of authority by Google, so take advantage of this. The Intersection Of SEO & Web Design

 6. Use relevant apps:

Facebook apps are a great way to engage with your audience. The Facebook Notes app is especially known to be a great tool for effective SEO.

By following the above, you can boost the value of your overall brand. If you have an exciting brand product to offer, your fan engagement will automatically follow.

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