Lessons Learned From These 5 Social Media Fails

Social Medias host around 2 million users and while you read this blog, thousands more would have joined. Said who? We don’t really need any statistic to prove that people spend more hours as social media users than in interacting with real people.


This platform, thus, is haven of opportunities and engaging customers. Brands have availed this sea of potential customers and earned huge profits. But there are two sides to a coin and we enlist some of the bad decisions of social media marketing that were epic fails and help you exclude them when you craft your SEO strategy in future.

1. Rethink Before You Tweet/Post

We cannot forget the incident where an NSFW image was tweeted by US Airways in the process of responding to a customer.

It teaches us that before you share any tweet, status or post; check whether it has been approved by the relevant authorities. Social SignIn, Crowd Control HQ can aid you in this task by notifying the senior officials of media.

2. Don’t Overdo It

The incident of a brand DiGiorno joining twitter hashtag “#whyistayed you had pizza!” is the perfect example to be away from overdoing it.

The hashtag was originally being trended by abused women and the use of this for marketing purposes was definitely not cool. Brands who jump at every opportunity without actually understanding, sure get popular among the people but for wrong reasons. So it is best to do some research and know the context before using something as tiny as hashtag.

3. Know the appropriate time and place

The jumping of brands and products with special discounts and unnecessary comparisons (PETA comparing civil rights with animals) on Martin Luther King,Jr. Day was a bit too much to gulp.

As important as it is to really leverage holidays and festivals and coming up with different strategies, some days hold a special value to them for moral and aesthetic reasons. It is best to not convert them into “big sale” days.


4. Ensure Timely Updates

The scheduled promotion of iphone6 by Joan Rivers who passed away a week before the tweet was a blunder-job.

Make sure that your accounts are updated and you only update things at the right time. The account of the comedian should have been deleted by updating the system to cease the posting of pre-scheduled tweets.

5. Double-Check the facts

Delta (an airline brand) posted an image of Giraffe in a tweet to depict Ghana and the shocking part was there are no giraffes in Ghana.

This incident clearly forces us to double check the facts and our tweets, posts too. Spelling errors are a big blow too-not professional. It is acceptable that brands like to be a part of the popular buzz, but it is silly to get into trouble because of them because your team did not do the homework well. To know more about Social media marketing get in touch with us www.organizein.com

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