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What Are Backlinks? Ways To Create Backlinks To Your Blog

Backlinks are the links that are present on places other than your blog’s URL and help the visitors to get to your blog through other websites or pages. Backlinks or inbound links can help your page get in the top rank because backlinking enables the addition of authority to your blog. Meaning? More backlinks means more quality and quality content does not go unnoticed by Google.  Hence earning backlinks is one of the primary targets of good SEO strategy. It surely elevates your rank as well as your website.

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If you want to have a good number of backlinks in your bag and eventually appear in the top ranks on search pages, read on.

1. Make outstanding Content

Whichever SEO strategy you apply, an incredible content can never be compromised. Content with value will genuinely get your reader’s attention to earn you backlinks. To do this, avail tips like using

    • appropriate keywords
    • Writing step processes (“7 ways to do…”)
    • Being argumentative
    • using lucrative approach(words like “cost-effective”)

    • 2. Make efforts to do guest blogging

      One of the easiest ways to get backlinks is guest blogging. You have the power to adequately add your own links in the content body or the author’s note. Make sure that you do this for relevant niches blogs whose services are congruent to yours. This is also effective in establishing your image across the web and get readers to follow your blogs through these backlinks.

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    • 3. Turn interviews to Mutual Favors

      Interview an expert individual of his/her own niche and then put this down on paper (in this case, screen!). After its online presence, send the link to the individual as a thank you token. There is a good possibility that he/she will share the content with their readers and this is how you can get recognized in your area. This allows promotion of both the individuals.

      4. Crafting badges for relevant sites

      Create an image that will highlight the content of other websites. If you are thinking how that benefits you then the answer is linking. The image has a built-in link (using ALT text) that directs the audience of other website to yours. You can also create a badge for any service/contest hosted by you, offer certifications for various websites or build applications that give out varied grades; all of these are going to lend a helping hand in getting you more backlinks and also get you popular on websites.

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    • 5. Review products (genuinely)

      There are a number of websites (like Amazon) that allow the users to comment or review a particular product/service. Try to find an appropriate place on net where you can engage the customers with genuine and interesting reviews. The back linking problem is easily sorted out by adding the links of your website to the reviews. Reviewing will not only showcase your expertize and viewpoints but will also encourage the interested customers/clients to hit your link and approach you.

      6. Social Self-promotion

      Social media platform can now get you more clients than friends. It is not a bad idea to endorse your blog links on your Facebook profile, tweets or LinkedIn descriptions. In fact, social media marketing and strategy is a branch of good SEO practice and you should not underestimate the ability of just one click/share on social media pages.

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